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Anomaly Monitoring Inductive Software System Running in JSC Mission Control
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Anomaly Monitoring Inductive Software System Running in JSC Mission Control

Prototype Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) applications developed to provide real-time health monitoring for International Space Station (ISS) External Thermal Control System (ETCS) subsystems are now up and running (uncertified) in the Mission Control Center. The ISS Thermal Operations and Resources (THOR) controllers now have IMS/AMISS up and running well, and it will be running during most of the current Shuttle mission for THOR testing and evaluation. The Attitude Determination and Control (ADCO) controllers are also running four certified IMS Control Moment Gyro monitoring processes with new certified controller-built displays. These processes will run continuously for ADCO use during all ISS operations.

Fourteen IMS processes will be running in Mission Control (4 ADCO, 10 THOR). IMS developers are currently working on ETCS AMISS certification to keep them all going all the time.

BACKGROUND: The Inductive Monitoring System software was developed to provide a technique for automatically producing health monitoring knowledge bases for systems that are either difficult to model (simulate) with a computer or which require computer models that are too complex to use for real-time monitoring. Rapid resolution of anomalies avoids loss of life or property in critical situations. IMS has been trained to detect faults in the ISS Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) systems and is currently in service on ISS mission control consoles in the JSC Mission Operations Directorate (MOD).

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ESMD, Constellation Mission Operations Project

Contact: David Iverson, William Taylor


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