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AMISS Certified for ISS Flight Control Room Deployment

The Anomaly Monitoring Inductive Software System (AMISS), based on the Ames Research Center (ARC)-developed Inductive Monitoring System (IMS), underwent and passed Mission Control acceptance (certification) testing at Johnson Space Center (JSC) for deployment on International Space Station (ISS) flight control room consoles. An additional 15 AMISS-based ISS monitoring applications were also tested and certified for use by Thermal Operations and Resources (THOR) and Attitude Determination and Control (ADCO) ISS flight controllers.

AMISS provides multivariate, real-time ISS telemetry monitoring capability based on system models derived from archived ISS operations data. It is integrated with the JSC mission control center data system to provide real-time system health monitoring for any set of ISS parameters, and can be run on any ISS flight control console. The IMS tool is used to analyze the archived data and automatically build system models used by AMISS.

Now that the AMISS software has been certified, 15 new AMISS applications will be deployed to support monitoring of the ISS External Thermal Control System (ETCS) and Rate Gyro Assembly (RGA). The RGA monitoring capability was requested by ADCO controllers after AMISS analysis of archived data from a redundant RGA unit was able to detect signs of degradation several months before the unit was eventually removed from operation. The new AMISS monitoring applications are scheduled for ISS flight control room installation following the STS-127 Shuttle mission to ISS.

BACKGROUND: IMS/AMISS is the first deployment of data-driven system health monitoring technology for NASA’s ISS mission control operations. Four IMS-based applications have been deployed on the ISS Attitude Determination and Control Officer (ADCO) flight control console in the past year, providing real-time health monitoring of the ISS control moment gyroscope (CMG) systems. The AMISS software generalizes the CMG tool for monitoring any set of telemetry parameters on any ISS flight control console. It reads real-time telemetry values from the mission control data system and publishes monitoring results for display or analysis by other software tools.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: AMISS is funded through an Intercenter Task Agreement between JSC/MOD and the Ames Intelligent Systems Division.

COLLABORATORS: JSC: Andrew Hillin (DI53, USA), Ann Esbeck (DI32, USA) ARC/TI: David Iverson, William Taylor, Charles Lee (EASI), Pat Castle (SGT Inc.)

Contact: David Iverson


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