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Ames Participation in Orion Software Development

Ames researchers Tom Pressburger and Andy Goforth are providing expertise and guidance to Lockheed-Martin, Orion’s prime contractor in the development of software tools for Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) software. Pressburger and Goforth are members of an integrated team led by Lockheed that is responsible for the development of a key technology—an automated code generator that will used to produce software for ground, simulation, and on-board flight systems. Tom Pressburger is contributing to code generator verification and Andy Goforth is contributing to coding standards compliance verification of the code generator. Their participation has led to changes in Lockheed code generator development to better address NASA’s software verification and validation requirements.

BACKGROUND: Lockheed-Martin chose an innovative approach to software development for Orion based on high-level design modeling and automated code generation tools, which is intended to result in lower cost and schedule risk for CEV software. Long-term sustaining engineering costs due to vehicle avionics upgrades with software updates will be also significantly lowered because of the automation. The development process for non math-intensive software is based on a Unified Modeling Language (UML) suite of tools which provides for software requirements and design modeling with automated code generation into C++. A step in the deployment of this technology for Orion’s software systems is its customization per NASA’s verification and validation processes used in mission-critical systems.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Crew Exploration Vehicle

Customers: Kerry Neilson, Lockheed-Martin, lead of Code generator development working group; Debbie Buscher, Orion VIO Avionics Manager; Frank Delgado, NASA JSC CEV Software System Manager

Contact: Tom Pressburger


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