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Piloted Simulation Evaluation of Adaptive Control Technologies

The Aviation Safety Program’s Integrated Resilient Aircraft Controls (IRAC) project is conducting a piloted simulation evaluation of six new adaptive control technologies on the motion-based Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (ACFS). This simulation evaluation represents a Level 3 Program milestone, and the culmination of the dedicated efforts of many individuals under the leadership of Mr. Stefan Campbell over the last year.

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate robustness and performance characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses, of the different adaptive control technologies. Six test pilots from NASA Dryden have participated as subjects, with an additional two test pilots scheduled.

The simulation evaluation was devoted to handling qualities studies, in both nominal and simulated damage and failure conditions. The adaptive flight control technologies implemented for this simulation evaluation were developed by NASA researchers and NASA Research Announcement (NRA) partners, including Boeing, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The simulated aircraft is a generic transport model developed from a combination of wind tunnel data and vortex lattice code for modeling aircraft damage

BACKGROUND: The overall goal of the IRAC project is to develop technologies that can assist a pilot in achieving a safe landing under degraded aircraft conditions. A significant portion of the adaptive control technologies evaluated in this study represents follow-on research, resulting from previous Intelligent Flight Control (IFC) flight tests on a modified F-15 aircraft.

TEAM MEMBERS, COLLABORATORS, AND CUSTOMERS: John Kaneshige, Stefan Campbell, Greg Larchev, Shivanjli Sharma, Maryam Bakhtiari-Nejad, Nhan Nguyen, Kalmanje KrishnaKumar

PROGRAM FUNDING: Aeronautical Research Mission Directorate Aviation Safety Program

Contact: John Kaneshige


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