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2010 Year In Review Article Highlights Ames Researchers

Aerospace America published their annual Intelligent Systems Year In Review article in their December 2010 issue. The article highlights the recent success of the collaboration between the Diagnostic and Prognostic Group of the NASA Ames Intelligent Systems Division and California State Polytechnic University to build an innovative airborne testbed.

  • Successful experimental flights of the testbed in which health management algorithms evaluated electromechanical actuators aboard the aircraft in real time.

  • Impact of the DASHlink portal that hosts key data mining algorithms for analysis of data from flight data recorders. The use of the released Miner and Orca tools for pinpointing various obstacles to smooth operation streamlined everyday operations at Southwest Airlines.

  • The NASA-funded collaboration between Wichita State, Kansas State-Salina, the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Hawker Beechcraft, where researchers are adapting model-reference adaptive control methods developed by Ames’s Nhan Nguyen for flight testing.

Major contributions in intelligent systems this year from Rockwell Collins, NASA JPL, and the University of Wyoming are also covered.

BACKGROUND: Kristin Y. Rozier serves (along with Seth Harvey of AFRL) as Chair of the Publications subcommittee of the AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee. Kristin was responsible for collecting submissions of achievements in intelligent systems research and development during 2010 and editing the annual Year In Review article for Aerospace America’s December edition.

AMES CONTRIBUTORS: Bill Clancey, Ashok N. Srivastava, and Edward Balaban composed submissions describing major accomplishments at NASA Ames for the Year In Review article.

COLLABORATORS: Seth Harvey and Michel Ingham

Contact: Kristin Y. Rozier

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