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VISTA Delivered to Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Visualization for Telemetry Analysis (VISTA) software tool has been delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for incorporation into NASA’s Advanced Multi-mission Operations System (AMMOS). VISTA, built on the Open Source Open Mission Control Technologies (MCT) platform, is an application for telemetry monitoring and analysis that runs in web browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices. VISTA gives users access to all of their data in one integrated environment and allows users to compose their own displays from multiple data sources.

BACKGROUND: The initial planned use for VISTA at JPL was for remote science data access for the Mars 2020 mission, and for use in the Mars 2020 test bed. Further evaluation and test use is being conducted on the Mars Science Lab (MSL) mission and on Earth science missions. The Open MCT platform, the basis for VISTA at JPL, is also the underlying platform for ARC’s Web Applications for Resource Prospector (WARP) application, which will be used for situational awareness at multiple NASA centers for the Resource Prospector mission.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The Visualization for Telemetry Analysis (VISTA) software tool is funded by the Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS); the Open Mission Control Technologies (MCT) platform is co-funded by AMMOS and the Resource Prospector (RP) project.

TEAM: ARC: Charles Hacskaylo, Andrew Henry, Pete Richards, Mark Shirley, Jay Trimble, and Victor Woeltjen; JPL: Dan Allard, Hayk Arutyunyan, Luis Campos Bravo, George Rinker, Dave Santo, Ashley Shamilian, and Nicole Witek


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