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TI Researcher Participates on NASA Autonomy Panel

On Friday, March 1st, Code TI Diagnostics and Prognostics group Lead Chris Teubert participated in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) “All About Autonomy” Symposium in San Carlos, CA. In addition to Chris, the NASA Autonomy Panel also included Parimal Kopardekar (ARC Aviation Systems Division), Bill Van Dalsem (ARC Deputy Director of Aeronautics and former Acting Intelligent Systems Division Chief), Starr Ginn (NASA Armstrong Deputy Aeronautics Research Director), and Mark Ballin (Airspace Operations and Safety Program Technical Integration Manager, NASA Langley). The panel discussed past, current, and future work in aviation autonomy, as well as future collaboration opportunities. Conference attendees included Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry leaders, academics, and UAV enthusiasts. The two-day symposium also hosted other presentations highlighting work in aviation autonomy and discussion of autonomy needs. Public engagement opportunities like these help build connections and communicate needs that can be invaluable to future Autonomous Systems work.

BACKGROUND: The Autonomous Systems (AS) subproject of the Transformative Tools and Technologies (TTT) project is a new effort investigating and addressing capability gaps facing assured autonomy for aviation transformation. Researchers in the subproject are working with other aeronautics projects, and with external partners from industry and academia, to better understand the capability gaps that NASA can and should help close.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program (TACP)

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