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Jay Trimble Writes Human Landing System Concept of Operations

The NASA Human Landing System (HLS) is a key part of the architecture to return humans to the surface of the Moon by 2024. HLS will pickup astronauts at the deep space Gateway (Lunar Orbital Platform), transport them to the lunar surface, support them there for a 6.5 day stay, and then return them to the Gateway where the Orion spacecraft will return them to Earth. The NextSTEP Appendix H: Human Landing System – Integrated Lander was just released. Jay Trimble wrote Attachment 1, the HLS Concept of Operations. The Concept of Operations describes the operational mission phases, dependencies, communications, Gateway operations, HLS descent operations, support on the surface, and ascent and return to Gateway.

BACKGROUND: The primary objective of this NextSTEP-2 Appendix H Broad Agency Announcement (BAA, for the HLS - Integrated Lander) is to enable the rapid development of a safe and functional HLS that can meet NASA and industry requirements and execute a crewed demonstration mission of HLS to the Moon no later than 2024. To achieve long-term lunar lander sustainability, this BAA also has a contract option that NASA may elect to exercise for the development and, in 2026, demonstration of a sustainable HLS Integrated Lander in order to enable more permanent human access to the lunar surface. NASA anticipates that it will initially award multiple HLS contracts, followed by potential down-selection among these HLS contractors as work progresses through the exercise of options at various stages of the development effort.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Advanced Cislunar Surface Capabilities (ACSC), Human Landing System (HLS), Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD)


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