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Code TI Helps Host University of Roterdam Visit to the Collaboratory, Spaceshop, and Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory
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Code TI Helps Host University of Roterdam Visit to the Collaboratory, Spaceshop, and Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory

The Collaboratory (Applied Manufacturing Division – Code RM), SpaceShop Rapid Prototyping Facility (RM), and Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory (Code TI) were showcased to the University of Rotterdam, Netherlands, to inform a new Innovation Centre at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Erasmus User Centre. The visit took place on March 24, 2017, with Diana Acosta (TI) and Alex Mazhari (RM) hosting.

Business students at the University of Rotterdam are currently consulting with Massimo Sabbattini, Head of the Erasmus Centre at ESA, on the design of a new Innovation Center promoting collaboration and information exchange. The students met at NASA Ames Research Center to understand how the Center uses physical space to strengthen innovation. The visit featured:

  • The Collaboratory: The Collaboratory is an open workspace that provides the Ames workforce with an alternative to conventional meeting rooms and office space by means of an organizationally-neutral, modern environment with technology platforms and whiteboards, modular furniture, and supplies that aid collaborative innovation. The Collaboratory is colocated with the SpaceShop on the second floor of N220.
  • The SpaceShop Rapid Prototyping Facility: The SpaceShop enables the Ames workforce to develop physical prototypes that support early and rapid design iterations at low or no cost. The SpaceShop is managed by the Applied Manufacturing Division in the Engineering Directorate and located on the second floor of N220.
  • The Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory (ACT Lab): The ACT Lab supports research for aircraft intelligent flight control, automation, autonomy, and flight deck technologies at the Intelligent Systems Division in N269.
Together, these spaces promote innovation through collaboration and rapid prototyping across the entire ideate-design-prototype-analyze iterative loop of hardware and software solutions for NASA Missions.

BACKGROUND: Terry Pagaduan (Office of Partnerships – Code DI) and Scott Yim (Office of the Chief Counsel – Code DL) hosted a visit with a class of business students from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Four of the business students, who are consulting on the design of a new Innovation Centre promoting collaboration and information exchange at ESA’s Erasmus Centre, participated in the conversation and site visits highlighted above.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Engineering Directorate (Code R), Office of the Director (Code D), and the Intelligent Systems Division (TI).

PARTICIPANTS: NASA: Diana Acosta (TI), Alex Mazhari (RM), Terry Pagaduan (DI), and Scott Yim (DL); University of Rotterdam, Netherlands: Nathalie Nolet, Marc Meerging, Arie van der Plas, and Chrisitan Poschl.


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