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NASA Ames and the San Francisco International Airport Sign Space Act Agreement
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NASA Ames and the San Francisco International Airport Sign Space Act Agreement

Members of two Intelligent Systems Division technical areas brokered a Reimbursable Umbrella Space Act Agreement between NASA Ames and the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The agreement covers research and technologies for increasing airport surface capacity and airfield efficiency at SFO. For Annex 1 of this agreement (which has been submitted for signatures), SFO has requested that NASA Ames conduct a data-driven analysis of SFO airport surface operations in order to identify, quantify, and interpret the extent of potential airport surface inefficiencies that may limit the capacity of the airport and result in avoidable delays.

BACKGROUND: SFO is a major airport metroplex servicing more than 45 million domestic and international passengers annually. SFO has requested NASA conduct research and development for the purposes of capacity improvement and delay reduction at the airport. SFO and NASA share a common interest in improving capacity and reducing airport delay. With factors such as weather, flight changes, and construction, SFO would like to find ways to minimize congestion to provide a better passenger experience, as well to provide airfield staff members with better decision-making tools to efficiently manage aircraft traffic. This partnership will provide an opportunity for insight into SFO’s current and future needs for more safe and efficient surface operations. This work may also potentially inform the design of future and more relevant autonomous air transportation systems.

TEAM: Shon Grabbe, Ian Law (Chief Information Officer, San Francisco International Airport), Robert Morris, Nikunj Oza, Leighton Quon, and Thomas Templin

POINT OF CONTACT: Robert Morris,

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