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Rodent Research Software Team Supports New Ames Biology Experiment on the International Space Station
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Rodent Research Software Team Supports New Ames Biology Experiment on the International Space Station

SpaceX Commercial Resupply Service mission 24 (CRS-24), launched December 21st, delivered the Rodent Research-18 payload to the International Space Station (ISS). The Rodent Research-18 payload is an Ames Research Center (ARC) biology experiment to investigate how spaceflight affects visual function, examine changes in the retina, and the ways specific cells interact. This mission also will test an antioxidant that may protect against the irreversible oxidative damage observed in eye structure and function during and after spaceflight. A better understanding of these effects could support the development of more effective countermeasures to spaceflight stress on the eyes and lead to new therapies for eye diseases and retinal degeneration for people on Earth.

The Rodent Research SoftWare (RRSW) team, part of the larger Rodent Research team that supports ARC-sent biology and technology experiments on the ISS, is responsible for all software aspects associated with Rodent Research payloads on the ISS and Ground Animal Care Facilities (ACF). They developed, deployed, and support a software suite for both flight and ground segments, facilitating communications and monitoring of Rodent habitat payloads during Rodent Research science experiments.

BACKGROUND: NASA ARC developed the Rodent Research hardware and software systems. Making use of its equipment and protocols, scientists partner with NASA to conduct a variety of experiments in the unique laboratory of the ISS without the need to develop and test a new system for each mission. The ARC team built the new system based upon their decades-long experience of conducting rodent research aboard the space shuttle. Today’s system makes longer-term basic and applied research possible in space.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The International Space Station Program.

TEAM: Susan Blumenberg (Wyle), Tristan Quan Le, Cameron Milne (Logyx), Lujie Tan (Wyle), Brian Yu, and Mitch Ai-Chang (Systems Safety and Mission Assurance, Code QS).

POINT OF CONTACT: Tristan Quan Le,

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