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NASA Technology Transfer System Team Successfully Deploys Monthly Cadenced Release 1.52 with New Capabilities
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NASA Technology Transfer System Team Successfully Deploys Monthly Cadenced Release 1.52 with New Capabilities

The NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS) team and collaborators delivered our monthly cadenced Release 1.52 with new system capabilities and operational enhancements. This release includes updates to the following NTTS data ecosystems: NTTS Core Platform, the NASA Software Catalog, the NASA Technology Transfer (T2) Portal, the NASA Spinoff (which highlight some of the more than 2,000 NASA spinoff technologies that benefit life on Earth), and various T2 Center sites. Some key new system enhancements include deployment of the newly revamped automated T2 program monthly metrics reporting capabilities, and implementation of the Inventions and Contributions Board (ICB) Space Act Agreement (SAA) award payment processing. The newly revamped automatically-generated T2 program metrics reports provide programmatic metrics for invention disclosures, patents, licenses, software releases, Software Usage Agreements (SUA), and many other captured technology transfer metrics. The newly implemented ICB SAA award payment processing brings back ICB SAA awards and allows designated ICB team members to process SAA awards for the Agency utilizing a streamlined workflow inside NTTS.

BACKGROUND: NTTS is a suite of data systems, web applications, and infrastructure for the NASA Agency-wide Technology Transfer (T2) program, containing over 60,000+ technology portfolios supporting all ten NASA field centers and HQ. The T2 program's motto is "Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth". It is the data ecosystem for facilitating the Agency’s technology transfer process, which includes reporting of new technologies (e.g., technology & invention disclosures – NF1679), protecting intellectual properties (e.g., patents), and commercializing technologies through various technology licenses, software releases, spinoffs, and success stories using customizable workflows, reporting, data consolidation, integration, and search engines.

The success of the NASA-patented NTTS software platform in addressing NASA’s technology transfer requirements has led to interests from other U.S. federal agencies and research labs with similar technology transfer goals and objectives. These interests include the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), which established a NASA-AFRL Reimbursable Inter-Agency Agreement (RIAA), and now other potential Department of Defense (DoD) military components, such as the U.S. Army and Navy have interest.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Technology Transfer Program, Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)

TEAM: Jairon Camarillo, Ron Instrella, Tuong Nguyen, Takeshi (Tek) Okimura, Peter B. Tran, Vu Tran, and Anh Trinh; MARSHAL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER (MSFC)-ST22/ACUITY EDGE: Alex Beddis, John Beddis, Cole Heathcott, and Kelly Vail; NASA HQ: Dan Lockney and Terry Taylor


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