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NASA Technology Transfer Systems Tool is Streamlining The Agency's Software Distribution Process
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NASA Technology Transfer Systems Tool is Streamlining The Agency's Software Distribution Process

The Office of the Chief Technologist’s (OCT) Technology Transfer Program (T2P) accomplished a significant milestone as the NASA’s Technology Transfer System (NTTS) project team released the Agency’s Software Repository on September 30th to the general public. Not only is the Software Repository one-stop shopping for software requesters to ask for and receive NASA software, it also unifies and streamlines all ten distinct NASA field centers, as well as unifying HQ’s software release processes into a single, automated process for the entire Agency. These efficiencies are accomplished through the implementation of automated workflows, which reduce or eliminate much of the manual processing that currently takes place. The Software Repository simplifies and streamlines the software release processes by introducing:

  • Automation for creation and delivery of Software Usage Agreements (SUA)
  • Automation for placing data entry of agreements into the NTTS system
  • The capability for requesters to electronically sign for software agreements
  • Immediate access to software after a signed SUA has been approved by an Software Release Authority (SRA)
  • Immediate access to software for NASA Civil Servants (e.g., click-wrap process)
The new system represents a significant step forward in automating how software requests are received, processed, and maintained in the NTTS database.

The Software Repository is developed by the NTTS project team from Ames Research Center’s Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) in collaboration with the Ames Technology Partnership Office (Code BT) and SRAs from all ten NASA field centers and HQ.

For more information see the NASA 2015-16 Software Catalog .

BACKGROUND: NTTS is the IT backbone and infrastructure for the Agency's T2P. Started in 1995, NTTS contains the Agency's technology portfolio, with over 60,000+ technologies. It is also the IT framework for the Agency's technology transfer process, which supports reporting, protection, and commercialization of NASA’s technologies for all ten NASA field centers and HQ.

PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA's Technology Transfer Program within the Office of the Chief Technologist

COLLABORATORS: Software Release Authority from all 10 NASA field centers and HQ

TEAM: Carolina Blake (ARC-BT), Katharine Brinker (ARC-TI/QTS), Kim Chrestenson (ARC-BT/Deltha-Critique), Martha Del Alto (ARC-BT), Tom Feltman (ARC-TI/AS&M), Mohana Gurram (ARC-TI/SGT), Chris Newton (ARC-TI/AS&M), Takeshi “Tek” Okimura (ARC-TI/Logyx), Khai (Peter) Tran (ARC-TI), Vu Tran (ARC-TI/SGT), Anh Trinh (ARC-TI/MORI), and Kelly Vail (ARC-TI/AS&M)

POC: Carolina Blake (Division Chief, Ames Technology Partnership Office and Associate Director for Partnerships), ; Khai (Peter) Tran (NTTS Engineering Manager),

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