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Robust Software Engineering Members Help Refine Natural Language Processing for Requirements Checking Challenge
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Robust Software Engineering Members Help Refine Natural Language Processing for Requirements Checking Challenge

Robust Software Engineering members Guillaume Brat and Nija Shi are helping to refine the Natural Language Processing (NLP) for requirements checking challenge, one of the NASA Digital Transformation (DT) Hackathon Challenges proposed by a team at Marshall Space Flight Center on the NASA@WORK platform. If the challenge is selected on July 31st, Guillaume and Nija will also be helping to get data and tools ready for running the challenge at Hackathon Day on September 11th.

BACKGROUND: Large scale projects have a huge number of documents and a relatively small team to review them. Time constraints and average reading speeds make it difficult for humans to find duplicative and conflicting requirements. Missing requirements related to safety or critical interface requirements may not be found at all because different people review various documents. Applying NLP to review a collection (corpus) of requirements documents can solve this and does NOT require any changes to current practices or documents. An NLP system can read thousands of pages per second and extract an ontology from a corpus, which defines terminology and specifies taxonomies. The system developed will parse each requirement as it is entered into the system to determine from the corpus of knowledge that requirements are not duplicated, conflicting, possibly missing, are classified by subjects (safety criticality, avionics, thermal… ), and can be traced. Requirements for projects drive the design and ensure projects achieve their objectives. An NLP system will reduce labor for tracking requirements between disciplines, classifying safety-critical requirements as well as by other subject categories, and standardize information for developers and testers.

NASA has been in the strategy and planning stages of the Digital Transformation Initiative since late 2017. The overall goal of the Initiative is to enhance mission success by engaging digital culture and technologies to modernize our workplace, workforce, and work products. This hackathon is part of NASA's initial DT implementation plan. The goals of the DT hackathon are to surface as many DT ideas as possible, build NASA's DT community, provide hands-on DT education, and demonstrate rapid application of DT to NASA challenges. NASA@WORK is an internal, Agency-wide platform that provides NASA employees with an unconventional and inventive way to share knowledge and advance projects across Centers.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT)

TEAM: Guillaume Brat & Nija Shi

POINT OF CONTACT: Guillaume Brat,

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