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Rodney Martin Gives Seminar on Data Sciences Research to USGS Research Group
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Rodney Martin Gives Seminar on Data Sciences Research to USGS Research Group

Rodney Martin delivered a seminar to the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics (GMEG) Group at the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Menlo Park Campus on July 11, 2017. The talk highlighted research areas in the Intelligent Systems Division’s Data Sciences Group with an emphasis on Earth science applications. The purpose of the talk was to inform USGS researchers on areas of possible collaboration in advance of the Menlo Park campus move to Bldg. 19 in the NASA Research Park.

Additionally, potential collaborators could jointly respond to proposal opportunities such as the Orbit-to-Core (O2C) contribution from the Ames Center investment funds. USGS’ Dr. Paul Selmants, a terrestrial ecosystem scientist interested in forests, carbon and climate change, and NASA Ames’ researchers in the Data Sciences Group jointly submitted a proposal bid for O2C on “Employing a machine-learning approach to interpolate individual observations of land surface-atmosphere CO2 exchange to the State of California”. The proposal has been selected to receive seed funding from the Center’s investment funds.

BACKGROUND: The USGS will relocate USGS researchers and staff currently hosted at a Menlo Park campus to Moffett Field starting in about 16 months. More than 300 USGS employees will be relocated, many of them research scientists. NASA Ames has encouraged collaborations between researchers at NASA and the USGS Science Centers at Menlo Park. In an effort to stimulate those collaborations and further seek innovative ideas, Ames Research Center senior management has earmarked up to $100,000 of the Center’s investment funds, named Orbit-to-Core (O2C), for this purpose. This call has especially encouraged researchers to look at potential collaborations with one of the USGS Science Centers associated with Menlo Park. These include the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center, Earthquake Science Center, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, Western Geographic Science Center, California Volcano Observatory, and the National Research Program, Western Branch.

The Data Sciences Group (DSG) is a collaboration of scientists in a variety of fields, including Integrated System Health Management, Aeronautics, Space Exploration, Earth Sciences, and Space Sciences. The group conducts fundamental research to create tools and methods that answer pressing scientific questions in the fields of machine learning and knowledge discovery, as well as to aid in the assimilation and understanding of scientific and engineering data that best advances NASA's missions.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Orbit-to-Core (O2C) Ames Center investment fund for NASA-USGS collaborations

COLLABORATORS: TI: Rodney Martin, Kamalika Das (USRA), and Nikunj Oza; USGS: Paul Selmants

POINT OF CONTACT: Rodney Martin,

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