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Division Members Give Talks at KBR Technology Day Conference

Eight members of the Intelligent Systems Division gave talks at the annual KBR Technology Day conference, which took place at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) October 28-29th. Collectively, the talks covered a broad range of Division projects that were featured in the Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/Autonomy, and Smart Maintenance segments of the conference. Each member also participated in a panel discussion on these subject areas.

Anjan Chakrabarty presented "SAFE50 Architecture for Autonomous Low-Altitude UAS Operations in Urban Areas"; Mike Dalal presented "Overview of the PLan EXecution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) Technology and its Applications in Autonomous Piloting Projects at NASA"; Ewen Denney presented "Assurance Cases for Safety Risk Management of Autonomous Systems"; George Gorospe presented "Emerging Technology: Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) Accelerated Prognostics & Intelligence at the Edge"; Chetan Kulkarni presented "Intelligent Systems Research & Development Contract (ISRDS) Safety Metrics and Smart Maintenance"; Bryan Matthews presented "Deep Learning Method for Detecting Precursors to Adverse Events"; Greg Pisanich presented "Utilizing Simulation and Model-Based Engineering Tools for the Development of Fault Management Technologies for Integrated Spacecraft and Ground Systems"; and Johann Schumann presented "Model-based Onboard Contingency Planning and Decision Making for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)".

BACKGROUND: Technology Day is a KBR Inc. corporate conference that has been held annually since 2015. It gathers technologists from across its enterprise for a two-day series of presentations and discussions designed to promote collaboration and innovation.

TEAM: Anjan Chakrabarty, Mike Dalal, Ewen Denney, George Gorospe, Chetan Kulkarni, Bryan Matthews, Greg Pisanich, and Johann Schumann.

POINT OF CONTACT: Michael Dalal,

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