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Vijay Janakiraman Supports Code IS Information Technology Security Work With Data Analysis
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Vijay Janakiraman Supports Code IS Information Technology Security Work With Data Analysis

Vijay Janakiraman from the Data Sciences Group supported Ames Research Center Information Technology Security (Code IS) work on detecting unregistered websites within the System for Tracking and Registering Applications and Websites (STRAW). This is an effort that is in direct support of the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandate M-15-13, the “policy to require secure connections across Federal websites and web services”.

STRAW is the definitive registry of all websites and web applications at NASA. Due to a recent Information Security initiative sponsored by NASA Headquarters, it was discovered that a number of Ames Research Center (ARC) websites were not represented in STRAW. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did extensive web crawling to locate all internet-facing sites (i.e., external sites) attributed to ARC, but DHS did not conduct a study on the internal sites at Ames. Upon further investigation by Code IS, it was determined that registrations within STRAW contained additional websites not represented at the top level (one registration could contain as many as 20 websites). Additionally, STRAW also contains free-text entries, making it a challenge to track and identify the list of unregistered websites.

Taking the data sets from Code IS, including the list of internet-facing sites verified by DHS and a dump of raw data within STRAW containing all registrations and metadata associated with these sites, data analysis was performed and a list of all STRAW websites in need of registration was delivered to Code IS. A discussion with the STRAW team has also been initiated to explore incorporating new STRAW functionality to make this process automated.

BACKGROUND: The Data Sciences (DS) Group is a collaboration of scientists that research machine learning and data mining algorithms and applications to various NASA problems. DS team members collaborate with researchers from various domains, including Integrated System Health Management, Mission Operations, Aeronautics, Space Exploration, Earth Sciences, and Space Sciences, both within and outside NASA, to help answer important questions in science and engineering and aid in advancing NASA missions.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Center Management & Operations, IT Security

COLLABORATORS: Vijay Janakiraman (USRA) and Lindsay Westerfield (ARC-IS)

POINT OF CONTACT: Vijay Janakiraman,

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