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George Gorospe and Interns Featured in NASA and Industry News

In June 2016, George Gorospe and two Diagnostics and Prognostics group interns, Shrikant Pandya and Victor Hernandez, were featured in the NASA Ames Office of Education quarterly newsletter. In an article entitled, “A Born Activist for Solving Problems,” George Gorospe detailed his cultural foundation and how he transitioned from intern to a full-time engineer in the Diagnostics and Prognostics group. In an article entitled, “A Master Plan to Become an Astronaut,” Shrikant Pandya talks of his education and ambition to become an astronaut and how his summer internship will help him to get closer to this goal. In the article, “Mexican Family Tradition Gives Way,” Victor Hernandez mentions how his internship at Ames has helped him to realize the skills and commitment required to become a professional researcher.

George Gorospe was also featured in an article published in June 2016 by I-Connect 007, a media portal for the electronics industry. In the article entitled, "What You Probably Don’t Know About NASA", Gorospe and Berry Matties, the author, discuss NASA’s involvement with the Bay Area Maker Faire, the NASA equipment on display for the faire attendees, and general trends in the aeronautics and space industry.

BACKGROUND: George Gorospe (SGT Inc.) is a research engineer and manager of the Systems Health, Analytics, Resilience, and Physics modeling (SHARP) laboratory since 2013. Since joining, he has mentored many students and participated in several public outreach events. Prior to joining SGT, George interned at NASA three times, under the Tribal Colleges and Universities Program, the NASA Robotics Academy, and the NASA Academy for Space Exploration. Shrikant Pandya and Victor Hernandez contributed to the project Bio-Inspired Optical Sensor for Real-time Measurement of Aircraft Wing Deflection, which is funded by the National Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) and the United States Geographical Survey (USGS).

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: National Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI)

TEAM: George Gorospe (SGT Inc.), Shrikant Pandya (USRA Intern Program), Victor Hernandez (NASA I2 Program), Ruth Marlaire (ARC-VC), and Berry Matties (I-Connect007)

POINT OF CONTACT: George Gorospe,

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