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Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Presentations on Autonomous Systems and Operations Project
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Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Presentations on Autonomous Systems and Operations Project

Dr. Jeremy Frank gave a talk titled “Artificial Intelligence: Powering Human Spaceflight Exploration of the Moon and Mars.” The presentation was given at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and at the joint Pomona College / Harvey Mudd College Computer Science Symposium. A shorter version of this talk will also be presented at the upcoming Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Fall Symposium Series on AI and Government. The paper describing the material in the talk is also available for you to read.

BACKGROUND: For over 50 years, NASA's crewed missions have been confined to the Earth-Moon system, where speed-of-light communications delays between crew and ground are practically nonexistent. This ground-centered mode of operations, with a large, ground-based support team is not sustainable for NASA’s future human exploration missions to Mars. Future astronauts will need smarter tools employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that make decisions without inefficient communication back and forth with ground-based mission control. This talk describes several demonstrations of astronaut decision-support tools using AI techniques as a foundation. These demonstrations show that astronauts tasks ranging from living and working to piloting can benefit from AI technology development.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Human Exploration Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD)


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