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OceanWATERS Simulation Team Releases New Data Set for Ocean Worlds Technology Researchers
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OceanWATERS Simulation Team Releases New Data Set for Ocean Worlds Technology Researchers

The OceanWATERS Simulation Team is pleased to announce the release of the Features Relevant to Ocean worlds Surface Terrain (FROST) data set. FROST is a catalog of high-resolution Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) and color orthoimages from a number of ocean world and icy moon analog sites. The data set provides examples of possible terrain features, geometry, and appearance at the 1-10cm scale on ocean worlds and icy moons such as Pluto, Europa, and Enceladus.

BACKGROUND: What makes FROST unique is that it is the first concerted effort to characterize plausible 3D geometry and appearance features at the 1-10cm scale relevant to landers and rovers. We believe that this data fills a crucial gap in the ocean worlds body of knowledge and hope that it aids the wider community in developing surface missions to these worlds.

The motivation for collecting this dataset was a lack of available high-resolution digital models suitable for development of surface missions to these bodies (circa 2019), including use for simulation of mechanics, sampling, and imaging. We took advantage of NASA field opportunities to Death Valley, California, and the Atacama Desert, Chile, in order to observe and record analog sites. FROST was made possible through the work of the OceanWATERS Simulation Team at NASA Ames led by Larry Edwards.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: This work was funded by the Planetary Exploration Science and Technology Office (PESTO) in the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) as a part of the development of the OceanWATERS simulator.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Mark Allan, Damiana Catanosa, Anjan Chakrabarty, Michael Dalal, Laurence Edwards (Project Lead), Jason Fugate, Chetan Kulkarni, Molly O’Connor, Arno Rogg, Thomas Stucky, Antoine Tardy, Orkan Umurhan, Terry Welsh, and Uland Wong; FORMER TEAM MEMBERS: John Bresina, Chuck Fry, Leslie Keely, and Hans Utz

We would also like to thank Thomas Stucky and the rest of the OceanWaters team for advice and support.


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