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Elizabeth Taylor Receives Superior Assistance Award

Gateway Vehicle Systems Management (VSM) Deputy Manager Elizabeth Taylor, an Intelligent Systems Division Civil Servant on assignment at Johnson Space Center, has been honored for her work on the Gateway VSM project with a Superior Assistance Award. The award is for “exceptional initiative, dedication, and leadership in supporting Gateway Vehicle Systems Manager (VSM) deadlines in challenging team circumstances.”

BACKGROUND: The Gateway VSM team has experienced some personnel losses during and due to the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to dealing with reduced teamwork efficiency resulting from the current telework environment. Deadlines, however, have not slipped out appreciably, and the breakneck pace on Gateway hasn’t slowed. Elizabeth has kept up with all her Deputy tasks and has additionally taken it upon herself to update, collect, and implement review comments and release a second Interface Control Document (ICD) in addition to the one she is already leading. She also volunteered herself for all four VSM deep-dive Tiger Teams to help keep everyone moving forward. And during a crisis with the software team, Elizabeth jumped in to help organize the team’s tasks and plan moving forward.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Gateway Program, Human Exploration Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD)

TEAM: Elizabeth Taylor is an Intelligent Systems Division Autonomous Systems and Robotics civil servant supporting the Gateway VSM project as Deputy Project Manager under Project Manager Julia Badger in the Engineering and Robotics branch of Johnson Space Center.

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