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Matthew Daigle Gives Talk To International Forum For Aviatian Research Technical Interchange
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Matthew Daigle Gives Talk To International Forum For Aviatian Research Technical Interchange

Matthew Daigle presented the talk, “Real-time Safety Monitoring and Prediction in the National Airspace”, on March 22, 2017, to the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) Technical Interchange. The talk was attended by members of the international aviation research community, including NASA, the German space agency DLR, and the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer.

BACKGROUND: Maintaining safety in the National Airspace System (NAS) will only become more difficult as the NAS continues to grow. The Real-Time Safety Monitoring (RTSM) framework, being developed within the Discovery and Systems Health tech area, computes a quantitative assessment of current and future NAS safety, expressed through safety metrics, margins, and the probabilities of unsafe event occurrence. Such information can be used by operators to proactively respond to anticipated unsafe situations.

IFAR is an aviation research network that aims to connect research organizations worldwide, to enable the information exchange and communication on aviation research activities, and to develop a shared understanding of global aviation challenges. Beyond scientific and technical activities, IFAR also focuses on the exchange on education and promotion of youth scientists and engineers. Dr. Daigle was one of two Ames scientists selected for the IFAR Young Researcher Conference in 2015, and has been a member of the IFAR early career network since then.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The Shadow Mode Assessment using Realistic Technologies for the National Airspace System (SMART-NAS) project , Airspace Operations and Safety Program (AOSP), Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

COLLABORATORS: Matthew Daigle, Kai Goebel, Chetan Kulkarni, Wendy Okolo, John Ossenfort, Indranil Roychoudhury, Shankar Sankararaman, and Lilly Spirkovska

POINT OF CONTACT: Matthew Daigle,

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