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Decision Support Group Members Conduct Webinar on Trajectory Option Set Generation Software
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Decision Support Group Members Conduct Webinar on Trajectory Option Set Generation Software

Under NASA-funded work supporting Integrated Demand Management (IDM), MOSAIC ATM has developed Trajectory Option Set (TOS) generation software. A webinar on the capabilities of the TOS software was held on March 28th. The audience included about 40 attendees from major airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as the industry-Government Flow Evaluation Team. The purpose of the webinar was to inform the audience of the capabilities of the TOS software, and to solicit feedback for further development.

BACKGROUND: One of the primary causes for congestion and delays in the National Airspace System (NAS) is that the number of flights (demand) often exceeds the ability of the airspace to accommodate traffic (capacity). The effort to balance demand with capacity is known as Traffic Flow Management (TFM). The Air Traffic Management (ATM) community has made important progress in collaborative trajectory management through the introduction of an FAA traffic management initiative called the Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP). CTOP allows management of multiple constrained areas simultaneously. It is also collaborative in that it permits airlines to provide a set of preferred reroute options. Whereas a traditional flight plan contains a single route, a Trajectory Option Set (TOS) consists of multiple trajectories that a flight operator can route a specific flight. Each trajectory option has a different route, altitude, and speed. TOS’ can potentially be used in multiple future applications in addition to CTOP.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Air Traffic Management eXploration (ATM-X) project / Integrated Demand Management (IDM), Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

TEAM: Steve Jacklin (NASA COTR), Deepak Kulkarni (NASA Technical Monitor), Yao Wang, and MOSAIC ATM

POINT OF CONTACT: Deepak Kulkarni,

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