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Guillaume Brat Gives a Keynote Presentation at General Electric's Edge & Control Symposium
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Guillaume Brat Gives a Keynote Presentation at General Electric's Edge & Control Symposium

On September 12th, Dr. Guillaume Brat had the honor of being a keynote speaker for the Trusted Autonomy session at General Electric’s (GE) Edge & Control Symposium. In his talk entitled “Assurance of Autonomy,” Dr. Brat described some of the research performed for software assurance in aviation at NASA. The talk presented the overall goals of the System Wide Safety (SWS) project and some of the software assurance tools developed at NASA Ames under SWS. These tools included the Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool (FRET), the Inference Kernel for Open Static (IKOS) analyzers of code, and CoCoSim for analyzing Simulink models. Some tools, such as FRET, caught the attention of not only the GE employees present, but also some of their guests, from Intel in particular.

In the second part of his presentation, Dr. Brat focused on the software assurance for autonomy work started over the past two years. Topics ranged from formal analysis of neural networks (like the ones used in the new anti-collision system for drones called ACAS-Xu) to stress testing for autonomy (with the Adaptive Stress, AdaStress, testing tool), as well as how to generate explanations about the decisions made by a neural network. Dr. Brat also presented the Assurance Case Automation ToolsEt (AdvoCATE) for creating and visualizing safety/assurance cases. This tool caught the attention of managers at GE, particularly Gary Quackenbush. Since then, GE has decided to visit Ames on October 21st to have further discussions on using AdvoCATE and AdaStress. GE envisions that these two tools can play an important role in their attempt at certifying a runtime architecture framework for drones.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: System Wide Safety (SWS) project, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

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