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Dr. Guillaume Brat To Give a Talk at The Design Automation Conference
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Dr. Guillaume Brat To Give a Talk at The Design Automation Conference

Dr. Guillaume Brat will give a talk, entitled “Advanced Software V&V for Civil Aviation and Autonomy,” at the Design Automation Conference being held in Austin on June 18-22. Dr. Brat will present recent results on developing advanced Verification and Validation (V&V) tools for flight-critical systems. Dr. Brat will also discuss how run-time monitoring and analysis techniques (such as runtime assurance or data analytics) offer a chance to catch even more complex problems.

BACKGROUND: Advanced Verification and Validation (V&V) tools for flight-critical systems are applicable at all phases of the software development process, from requirements development to design, code implementation, and testing. When these tools are applied early in the development process, they can yield significant cost savings on the overall development process and help reduce risk. The tools have been developed for aeronautics applications (but they are applicable to many more application domains) and fit within the standards defined in the DO-178C standards adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Run-time monitoring and analysis techniques, such as runtime assurance and data analytics, offer a chance to catch complex problems, even in the face of changing and unpredictable environments. The goal is for these techniques to be used during operation and to flag potential unexpected problems in time so that a mitigation strategy can be implemented. These new techniques will be extremely useful as our aviation systems become more complex and more autonomous to address, for example, on-demand air mobility. These techniques are at the core of the new research objectives being addressed by the Airspace Operation and Safety Program (AOSP) under the Aeronautics Research and Mission Directorate (ARMD).

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