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Autonomous Systems and Robotics Technical Area Hosts Harvey Mudd College 'Clinic' Project
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Autonomous Systems and Robotics Technical Area Hosts Harvey Mudd College 'Clinic' Project

A Harvey Mudd College (HMC) Computer Science department team performing a senior capstone project known as ‘Clinic’ visited the Autonomous Systems and Robotics (ASR) technical area and Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames on Friday, October 27th. The team is led by Professor Jim Boerkoel of the Human Experience and Agent Teamwork (HEAT) Lab at HMC. During the visit, the team worked with Dr. Jeremy Frank, Dr. Robert Morris, and Dr. Paul Morris of the Planning and Scheduling Group (PSG), and Dr. Anjan Chakrabarty of the Adaptive Control and Evolutionary Systems Group to discuss project ideas, milestones, and techniques to conduct the project. The team also watched demonstrations of the Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) / Astrobee lab by Jose Benavides (Intelligent Robotics Group), the Cockpit Hierarchical Activity Planning and Execution (CHAPE) pilot decision-support project by Dr. J. Benton (Planning and Scheduling Group), tensegrity robotics by Dr. Adrian Aggogino (Intelligent Robotics Group), and Resource Prospector tools by Howard Cannon (Common Avionics and Software Technologies Group) and Mark Allan (Intelligent Robotics Group).

BACKGROUND: Harvey Mudd College, located in Southern California, traditionally hosts a senior capstone project known as Clinic. The Computer Science department Clinic project team visiting NASA Ames this week is conducting a project to develop a multi-robot team capable of building an activity plan, executing that plan, and making changes to the plan in response to unexpected events. This project is aligned with multiple NASA objectives, including autonomous human spacecraft and multi-spacecraft teams such as swarms.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD)

TEAM: Adrian Aggogino, Mark Allan, Jose Benavides, J. Benton, Howard Cannon, Anjan Chakrabarty, Jeremy Frank, Paul Morris, and Robert Morris


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