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ARMADAS Project Receives Publicity

The Automated Reconfigurable Mission Adaptive Digital Assembly Systems (ARMADAS) project was recently publicized by an academic partner (MIT) that is cooperating on some of the project’s robotics work. You can read the primary technical publication, initial press release by MIT and the Ames Public Affairs Office (PAO), as well as plenty of other secondary coverage.

BACKGROUND: To meet the needs of future deep space exploration, NASA is interested in large-scale hardware systems in the Agency’s thrust areas of solar power, communications, habitats, and science interests. Scalable in-space assembly of physical systems is critical to mass-less exploration and in-space reliance goals. The ARMADAS project is developing and demonstrating autonomous assembly of “digital materials” and structures. This will produce automation technologies with potential for meeting long-duration and deep-space infrastructure needs, including achieving in-space reliance with construction and maintenance of long-duration spaceport and habitat scale systems.

TEAM: Kenny C Cheung, Olivia Formoso, Neil Gershenfeld (MIT), Christine Gregg (Applied Manufacturing Division, Code RM), Benjamin Jenett (MIT, TI Pathways Intern), In Won Park, Amira Abdel-Rahman (MIT), Sean Swei, and Greenfield Trinh

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Game Changing Development Program (GCDP), Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)


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