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Astrobiology and Habitable Environments Database Team Conducts Pilot Webinar
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Astrobiology and Habitable Environments Database Team Conducts Pilot Webinar

On March 31, 2022, the Astrobiology and Habitable Environments Database (AHED) team held a pilot webinar. The team guided eight astrobiologists through the process of gathering data from their projects and curating a dataset with AHED. The AHED team gave a live demonstration of the system including search, dataset creation, and labeling using the Astrobiology Resource Metadata Standard (ARMS). Pilot participants reacted enthusiastically to the presentation, with several expressing their eagerness to use AHED and contribute new datasets. AHED Beta v1.2 is currently available, as is a recording of the webinar with associated documents.

BACKGROUND: AHED is a repository and productivity platform for the storage, discovery, and analysis of data relevant to the field of astrobiology. One of the main goals of the project is to enable NASA-funded researchers to fulfill mandated data management plan archiving requirements. Based at NASA Ames Research Center, AHED is a conceptually mature and functional system of software that has undergone extensive testing and is planned for release to the entire astrobiology community later this year.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Planetary Science Division (PSD), Science Mission Directorate (SMD)

TEAM: Kevin Boydstun, Thomas Bristow, Chris Dateo, Barbara Lafuente, Niki Parenteau, Alex Pires (University of Arizona), Nate Stone (Open Data Repository), and Shawn R. Wolfe

POINT OF CONTACT: Thomas Bristow,

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