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Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED) Demonstrated to Division and Headquarters Management
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Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED) Demonstrated to Division and Headquarters Management

In its first public demonstration, the Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED) portal was presented to Lindsay Hays, Deputy Astrobiology Program Scientist; Steve Howell, Space Science and Astrobiology Division Chief; Penny Boston, NASA Astrobiology Institute Director; and the members of the Exobiology Branch (Code SSX). The AHED Portal has been under development for the past four months and is the public-facing website that serves as an entry point into the AHED data repository for members of the astrobiology community and the general public. The portal features various methods designed for exploration and search of astrobiology datasets stored in AHED. The portal and related system components are still under development and have not been released publicly as yet.

BACKGROUND: The Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED) is being developed as a new, long-term, open-access repository for investigator-submitted astrobiology datasets. AHED is intended to store astrobiology data from NASA or externally-funded research investigations, and to encourage sharing and synergy within the diverse astrobiology community. The underlying data repository was developed by Open Data Repository and the University of Arizona, and is being adapted to suit NASA needs. In addition to the portal, the AHED project is developing two other key deliverables: (1) the Astrobiology Resource Metadata Standard (ARMS), a metadata standard supporting search and discovery of datasets and other products of astrobiology research; and (2) a library of modular, interconnected astrobiology data templates to facilitate rapid construction of new astrobiology datasets and encourage cross-dataset standardization for data integration and mining.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Astrobiology Program, Science Mission Directorate (SMD)

TEAM: Exobiology Branch (Code SSX): Brad Bebout, Leslie Bebout, David Blake, Tom Bristow, George Cooper, Chris Dateo, David Des Marais, Angela Detweiler, Mark Ditzler, Craig Everroad, Tori Hoehler, Linda Jahnke, Mike Kubo, Barbara Lafuente, Niki Parenteau, and Andrew Pohorille; Space Science and Astrobiology Division (Code SS): Mark Fonda and Sara Rojo; IT Operations Division (Code IO): Kevin Boydstun; Open Data Repository: Nate Stone; University of Arizona: Robert Downs and Alex Pires; Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI): Rich Keller


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