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News for the year 2020

07/31/20 - AdvoCATE Project Team Presents at NASA's Office of Safety & Mission Assurance
07/31/20 - GE Aviation Adopts Robust Software Engineering Testing Tool
07/24/20 - Robust Software Engineering Members Help Refine Natural Language Processing for Requirements Checking Challenge
07/24/20 - Corina Pasareanu Serves as Program Chair for International Software Testing and Analysis Symposium
07/02/20 - FRET Project Team Presents and is Awarded at International Conference on Requirements Engineering
06/15/20 - Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy Project Completes Critical Design Assessment
06/15/20 - Intelligent Systems Division Team Selected to Implement NASA@Work Idea on Data-Driven COVID-19 Response Management
06/15/20 - Quantum Data Mining Paper Led By QuAIL Intern to be Published in Top Data Sciece Conference Proceedings
06/08/20 - Chris Knight Presents on and Demonstrates Core Flight System Software Bus Networking Architecture
05/26/20 - VIPER Rover Software Team Conducts Preliminary Design Assessment
05/26/20 - Division Members Help Organize and Host 12th NASA Formal Methods Symposium
05/18/20 - Jeremy Frank Presents Project Status at Advanced Exploration Systems Program Mid-Year Review
05/18/20 - Jeremy Frank Speaks at Calculus Roundtable Virtual Classroom
05/18/20 - Elizabeth Taylor Receives Superior Assistance Award
04/24/20 - Astrobee Project to Conduct Remote Science Session During Shelter-in-Place Order
04/24/20 - ARMADAS Project Successfully Completes Technical Assessment Periodic Review
02/21/20 - Division Researchers to Meet With Sandia National Labs on Potential Teaming to Test New Sensors That Could be Used in UAM
02/14/20 - Jeremy Frank to Give an Arizona State School of Earth & Space Exploration Talk on AI: Powering Exploration of the Moon & Mars
01/17/20 - New Uprgaded SOFIA Platform Interface System Passes Verification & Validation Testing - Set for Science Flights
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