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News for the year 2018

12/07/18 - Quantum Circuit Simulations Run on Record Number of HECC Nodes
11/30/18 - Autonomous Capability Paper Authored by Team From Codes AF, TH, and TI Wins Code AF Best Paper Award
11/30/18 - Dr. Corina Pasareanu Co-Chairs Joint European Union Software Engineering Conference and Symposium
11/26/18 - Astrobee Docking Station Delivered to the International Space Station for Installation
11/16/18 - Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database (AHED) Demonstrated to Division and Headquarters Management
11/16/18 - Intelligent Systems Division Members Volunteer at Bay Area Science Festival
10/19/18 - Corina Pasareanu Gives Invited Talk on Formal Analysis for Neural Networks at ATVA 2018
10/19/18 - Robust Software Engineering Project Wins AIAA Modeling and Simulation Best Paper Award
10/19/18 - Space Cookies VEX Robotics Team to Begin Competition and Outreach
10/12/18 - Dr. Jeremy Frank to Present Status for Two International Space Station Payloads for the Payload Operations Working Group
09/28/18 - Astrobee Status and Future Use to be Presented at the 69th International Astronautical Congress October 4th
09/24/18 - ICESat-2 Mission Instrument Support Facility Utilizing Open Mission Control Technologies Software Platform
09/14/18 - Dr. Kamalika Das Gives Two Invited Talks on Anomaly Detection
09/14/18 - Dr. Kamalika Das Gives Keynote Talk at 2018 International Conference on Information Technology
09/14/18 - Dr. Jeremy Frank to Present Autonomous Systems and Operations Project Status at Advanced Exploration Systems Year-End Review
08/31/18 - FAA Looks at Collaborative Trajectory Option Program Decision Support Capability
08/23/18 - 'SPHERES' Tether Slosh Science Session #4 Scheduled For Mid-September
08/23/18 - George Gorospe and Wendy Okolo Organize 4th Code TI Summer Intern Showcase Event
08/17/18 - 'SPHERES' Project Successfully Completes Tether Slosh Science Session 3
08/17/18 - Robost Software Engineering Safety Case Team Presents Work to Software Assurance Working Group
08/17/18 - Jeremy Frank Presents Autonomous Systems and Operations Work at the AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop
08/17/18 - Pilotted FAA Simulation Study of Stall Recovery Guidance System to be Held August 20th
08/03/18 - Robert Morris Presents Tutorial at MIT as Part of the 2018 Cognotive Robotics Summer School
07/30/18 - Nhan Nguyen and AATT Team Successfully Complete "Adaptive Real-Time Drag Optimization Control" Wind Tunnel Experiment
07/30/18 - System-Wide Safety Advanced Verification and Validation Subprojects to Conclude Collaborative Effort With Airforce Research Lab
07/24/18 - George Gorospe Presents at the 2018 Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline Summer Summit for Educators
07/13/18 - "ICICLES" Project Completes Early Mission Infusion Review for the Science Mission Directorate
07/13/18 - "BRAILLE" Project to Conduct Martian Lava Tube Robotic Mapping and Astrobiology Analysis Analog Field Test in August
07/06/18 - Deepak Kulkarni and Mosaic ATM Discuss Collaborative Trajectory Option Work With Air Traffic Control Ntl. Operations Manager
06/29/18 - Ames to Host Zero Robotics Field Day for Middle and High School Students July 13th
06/14/18 - SPHERES/Astrobee Working Group Quarterly Meeting to be Held at Standford
06/14/18 - System-Wide Safety Advanced Verification and Validation Subprojects Collaborate With Airforce Research Lab
05/25/18 - VISTA Mission Control Technologies Software v3.5 Delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
05/25/18 - Geocam Space Completes Delivery of Batteries and Charging Equipment to the International Space Station
05/25/18 - Six NASA-Funded Research Papers on the Collaborative Trajectory Option Program to be Published in AIAA Aviation 2018 Conference
05/18/18 - Mars Cube One and Arcsecond Space Telescope Missions Utilizing Open Mission Control Technologies Software Platform
05/18/18 - BioSentinel Flight Software v5 Set For Release May 18th
05/18/18 - Resource Prospector Mission Operations Team Completes Simulation Activity 1
05/18/18 - Intelligent Systems Division Technical Area Leads Will Present Progres in System-Wide Safety Project Technical Challengess
05/18/18 - Dr. Rodney Martin and Chetan Kulkarni Jointly Sponsor Cornell University Masters of Professional Studies Project
05/18/18 - AI Magazine Appoints Robert Morris as Associate Editor
04/27/18 - ARC to Collaborate with JSC on Orion Mission Simulation Evaluating Crew Displays for 1st Crewed Lunar Mission Since Apollo
04/27/18 - Dr. Jeremy Frank to Attend Harvey Mudd College 'Clinic' Project Closeout for Computer Science Student Team He Assisted
04/27/18 - Planning & Scheduling Group Members Co-Win ICAPS 2018 Influential Paper Award Based on Remote Agent Research
04/27/18 - Space Cookies Robotics Team Wins Design Award at Google All-Girls VEX Robotics Tournament
04/13/18 - Cross-Center Team Conducts Flight Mission to Characterize Radio Frequency Communication for Small Unmanned Aircraft
04/06/18 - Ames Team Releases Air Traffic Management Ontology to the Public
04/06/18 - Dr. Jeremy Frank to Participate in Silicon Valley Comic Con "NASA's Journey to Mars" Panel April 7, 2018
03/30/18 - Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Presentations at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Symposium
03/26/18 - Tranisiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to Launch April 16, 2018
03/26/18 - Nhan Nguyen has "Model-Reference Adaptive Control - a Primer" Reference Textbook Published by Springer
03/16/18 - Ames Early Career Team Wins $2.5 Million Early Career Initiative STMD Award
03/09/18 - Diagnostics & Prognostics Group Members Mentor Students in NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program
02/09/18 - Prognostics as a Service Advisory Working Group Conducts First Meeting February 7th, 2018
02/01/18 - Corina Pasareanu Receives ISSTA 2018 Retrospective Impact Paper Award
01/12/18 - Charles Hacskaylo Holds 'VISTA' Mission Control Technologies Software Training for Mars 2020 Rover Mission Team Members
01/12/18 - Autonomous Mission Operations Project Lead to Participate in Designing Habitation Systems Mockups Meeting
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