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News for the year 2017

12/08/17 - Resource Prospector Simulations Team to Begin Mission Operations Driving Simulations Over the Next Month
12/01/17 - 'SPHERES' Tether Slosh Flight Hardware Delivered to Cargo Mission Contract for SpaceX CRS-13 Launch December 4th
11/17/17 - STPSat-5 Ground Systems Team Completes Radio Frequency and End-to-End Testing
11/17/17 - Vijay Janakiraman Supports Code IS Information Technology Security Work With Data Analysis
11/17/17 - Resource Prospector Navigation Team to Complete Visual Odometry Study This Month
11/09/17 - Upcoming SBIR Phase III Kickoff Meeting for Active Gust Load Alleviation Control Wind Tunnel Experiment to be Held November 16
11/09/17 - Kamalika Das Serves as Applied Data Science Co-Chair at European Conference on Machine Learning
11/03/17 - Autonomous Systems and Robotics Technical Area Hosts Harvey Mudd College 'Clinic' Project
11/03/17 - Nikunz Oza Gives Overview of Data Sciences Work at High-Performance Computing Forum
11/03/17 - Dr. Jeremy Frank to Give Invited Talk at Artificial Intelligence Conference & Exposition November 29th
10/27/17 - VISTA Mission Control Technologies Software v3.3 Delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10/27/17 - 'SPHERES' Components Delivered for November 10th 0A-8 Launch Date
10/27/17 - Rodney Martin Gives Seminar on Data Sciences Research to USGS Research Group
10/27/17 - Jay Trimble Gives Three Talks Covering Software Design, Development, and Mapping for Space Operations
10/20/17 - Intelligent Systems Division Will Help Ames Host DARPA "Hackfest" Event November 11-17
10/13/17 - Intelligent Systems Division to Host President of the Museum of Science
10/13/17 - Nhan Nguyen and Eric Ting Awarded U.S. Patent for Aerolastic Wing-Shaping Using Distributed Propulsion
09/29/17 - BioSentinel Flight Software v4B2 Set For Release October 12
09/22/17 - Vijay Janakiraman Gives Invited Talk on Improving Aviation Safety
09/18/17 - Genelab Data Systems v2.0 Set For Release September 29th
09/18/17 - George Gorospe and Wendy Okolo Organize Third Code TI Summer Showcase Intern Event
09/08/17 - Nhan Nguyen Gives Invited Talk on Perfromance-Adaptive Aerolastic Wing Research at NASA
08/28/17 - Autonomous Systems and Robotics Members Give Invited Talk on the Design Enviroment for Novel Vertical Lift Vehicles
08/21/17 - Convergent Aeronautics Solutions' Prognostics-as-a-Service Prototype Scheduled to go Online August 18
08/21/17 - NASA and Boeing to Work Together on Verification and Validation Technology for Autonomy
08/21/17 - Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Invited Talk at Workshop on the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Optimization Algorithms
08/11/17 - NASA Mission Airborne Tools Suite to Support Two Major NASA Earth Science Field Campaigns
08/11/17 - Learn To Fly Tests to Take Place August 14-25 With Ames-Developed Optimal Control Allocater
08/04/17 - Nikunj Oza and Guillaume Brat Present at Bilateral NASA - Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute Meeting in Moscow
07/28/17 - VISTA Mission Control Technologies Software Delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory For Use in the Mars 2020 Testbed
07/28/17 - Jay Trimble Gives a Series of Talks on Mission Control Technologies, Lunar vs. Martian Rover Ops, and Distributed Ops
07/28/17 - Astrobee Project to Hold Technical Interchange Meeting With Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
07/24/17 - Resource Prospector Navigation Team to Complete Rover Stereo Vision Testing
07/24/17 - Dr. Corina Pasareanu Gives an Invited Talk at the Logic in Computer Science (LICS '17) Symposium
07/18/17 - Autonomous Systems and Robotics Groups Release Desktop Exploration of Remote Terrain (DERT) Software
06/30/17 - Planning and Scheduling Group Participates in 2017 International Conference on Planning and Scheduling
06/30/17 - Ames to Host Zero Robotics Field Day For Middle and High School Students July 7th
06/27/17 - Testing to Validate Adaptive Real-Time Drag Optimization Control for Adaptive Wing Technologies to Take Place This Summer
06/19/17 - NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application Will Be Officially Launched To The Public June 20th, 2017
06/19/17 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project To Complete Final Design Drawings of The Astrobee Free-Flying Robot
06/19/17 - Resource Prospector Rover Flight Software Team Investigating Automatic Test Generation Technique
06/19/17 - Dr. Guillaume Brat To Give a Talk at The Design Automation Conference
06/19/17 - Safe Autonomous Flight Environment For Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team To Receive NASA Group Achievement Award
04/28/17 - Stall Recovery Guidance Experiment To Run in The Ames Vertical Motion Simulator
04/28/17 - NASA Ames Researchers To Participate in Air Force Research Lab's Summer of Innovation
04/24/17 - Matthew Daigle Gives Talk To International Forum For Aviatian Research Technical Interchange
04/24/17 - TI Researchers Host Los Gatos High School Job Shadow Day
04/14/17 - BioSentinel Flight Software v4A1 Set For Release April 20th
04/14/17 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace Demonstrated To FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committe
04/14/17 - Robust Software Engineering Group To Perform Analysis of Core Autonomous Safety Software
04/14/17 - Code TI Engineer Participates in First Annual Indigenous STEM Robotics Competition
04/10/17 - Data Sciences Group Presents Work at Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium in Doha, Qatar
04/10/17 - Intelligent Systems Division Researchers Volunteer at Synopsys Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair
04/03/17 - Code TI Contributes to Successful Deployment of TechEdSat5 From International Space Station and Completion of Initial Ops
04/03/17 - TI Researchers Provide Safety Case Leading To FAA Approval of First-Ever Small UAS BVLOS Operations Over Land
04/03/17 - Code TI Helps Host University of Roterdam Visit to the Collaboratory, Spaceshop, and Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory
04/03/17 - Diana Acosta Speaks on "Innovation Practice: Women Leaders Discuss Innovation" Panel at Vodafone Enterprise Studio Event
03/24/17 - FAA-NASA Telecon Explores Potential Collaboration on Aviation Ontologies
03/20/17 - Code TI Members Participate in NASA/DLR Collaboration Meeting on "Unmanned Freight Operation"
03/20/17 - Code TI Members Participate in "Autonomous Towing For Future Transportation Systems" Meeting
03/03/17 - NASA and Rigetti Computing Sign Space Act Agreement For Collaboration on Prototype Quantum Computing Hardware
02/24/17 - Data Sciences Group Supported VESGEN Software Highlighted in Upcoming TechBytes Article
01/27/17 - SPHERES Project Shatters Record For Highest Operating Tempo in Supported International Space Station Activities
01/27/17 - Eleanor Rieffel Gives Invited Talk at Frontiers in Quantum Coherent Science Event
01/27/17 - Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems Researchers Receive 6 NASA Ames 2016 Technology Transfer Awards
01/27/17 - Code TI Staff Honored at The 2016 NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
01/20/17 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace To Be Demonstrated To The National Research Council
01/13/17 - Generic Software For Prognostics Released Open Source
01/06/17 - Astrobee Conducts International Space Station Delta Payload Safety Review Panel #2
01/06/17 - Astrobee Conducts Delta Periodic Technical Review #3
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