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News for the year 2016

12/12/16 - RSE Researcher Corina Pasareanu Named 2016 Distinguished Scientist By The Association For Computing Machinery
12/12/16 - Dr. Susan Frost Selected as American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Member Spotlight For November, 2016
12/02/16 - Codes T and TI Contribute To Recently Released Artificial Intelligence Reports
11/29/16 - Matthew Daigle Gives Invited Lecture at University of Maryland, College Park
11/10/16 - Workshop on Assurance Cases With Panel on Safety of Autonomy Held on September 20th
11/10/16 - Collaborative Life Sciences Repository Team Receives Space Flight Awareness Award
11/09/16 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace Demonstrated To NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee
11/08/16 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Supports Orion Entry and Landing Simulation
10/24/16 - "SPHERES"/Astrobee Working Group Quarterly Meeting To Be Held at Ames on November 10th
10/24/16 - "SPHERES" Engineering Team Completes SPHERES "Blue" Satellite Repair for International Space Station
10/14/16 - Advanced Caution & Warning System Demonstrated To NASA Administrator
09/28/16 - International Space Orchestra Performs at the Iconic Hollywood Bowl
09/23/16 - QuAIL Team is The First to Successfully Train a Quantum Computer to Generate Handwritten Digits
09/12/16 - Eric Barszcz Presents BatchEditor to NASA 'TEAMS' User Group
08/24/16 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Release Open Source Prognostics Toolboxes
08/19/16 - Autonomy Operating System Project Conducts First Successful Interactive Test Flights With Air Traffic Control Communication
08/19/16 - Stefan Schuet Presents Invited Talk at the Airline Operations Workshop
08/15/16 - George Gorospe and Interns Featured in NASA and Industry News
08/05/16 - Technology Insertion Projects Group Members Present Work at Space Launch System Technical Interchange Meeting
08/05/16 - George Gorospe Organizes Second TI Intern Showcase Event
06/30/16 - Astrobee Successfully Conducts Periodic Technical Review #3
06/30/16 - Edward Balaban Participates in Antarctic Expedition Organized By The 2041 Foundation To Test NASA Technologies
06/30/16 - Tensegrity and Soft Robotics Technical Exchange Meeting To Be Held at Ames on July 14, 2016
06/30/16 - International Planning and Scheduling Conference Features Many TI Planning and Scheduling Papers
06/15/16 - Indranil Roychoudhury Gives Invited Talk at Palo Alto Research Center
06/10/16 - Robust Software Engineering To Develop V&V Tools Under New Space Act Agreement With General Electric
06/10/16 - Cornell University's Masters of Professional Studies Program Uses TI-Developed "ACCEPT" Software
06/10/16 - Thomas Lombaerts Gives Invited Plenary Talk at Airbus in Toulouse, France
05/25/16 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Renews CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
05/25/16 - Ongoing Flight Tests Successfully Demonstrating Virtual Testbed Infrastructure
05/25/16 - Hamed Valizadegan To Give Invited Talk at Machine Learning Innovation Summit
05/19/16 - Nodes Small Satellites Deployed From ISS With Batteries Certified at The Prognostics Center of Exclellence's SHARP Lab
05/12/16 - MADCAT's Maiden Flight a Success
05/12/16 - VISTA Delivered to Jet Propulsion Laboratory
05/12/16 - Nhan Nguyen Gives Invited Keynote Talk at The German Aerospace Center, DLR
04/29/16 - Matthew Daigle and Nikunj Oza Present SMART-NAS Real-Time Safety Modeling at NASA - FAA Safety Research Transition Team Meeting
04/29/16 - Planning and Scheduling Group Members To Be Awarded Honorable Mention For ICAPS 2016 Most Influential Paper
04/29/16 - International Space Orchestra Performs at San Francisco's Historic Fillmore Theater
04/15/16 - Robust Software Engineering To Develop V&V Tools Under New Space Act Agreement With The Air Force Research Lab
04/15/16 - Resource Prospector Receives Advanced Exploration Systems Innovation Award
04/07/16 - Nhan Nguyen Awarded U.S. Patent For Optimal Control Modification
03/30/16 - TI Employees Host Students From Los Gatos High School as Part of Job-Shadow Day
03/18/16 - Ames' Intelligent Systems Division Passes Readiness Review For Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
03/02/16 - 2nd Generation Wireless Sensor Module Delivered to Wallops Flight Facility For SOAREX-9 Launch
02/23/16 - Intelligent Systems Division To Hold Readiness Review For Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
02/11/16 - Nhan Nguyen Awarded "Variable-Camber Continuous Aerodynamic Control Surfaces and Methods For Active Wing-Shaping Control" Patent
02/11/16 - Discovery and Systems Health Staff Honored at The NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
01/28/16 - JSC Rapid Prototyping Lab To Conduct Joint Fault Management Simulation With Orion Crew and Flight Controllers
01/25/16 - Code TI Helps Sponsor Cross-Center/Cross-Program Collaborative Life Science Data Technical Exchange Meeting
01/06/16 - Announcement of Assurance of Autonomous Systems For Aviation Workshop (AASA 2016)
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