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News for the year 2015

12/09/15 - ATCorp's "Novel, Multidisciplinary Global Optimization under Uncertainty" Phase 2 Proposal With Co-I Nikunj Oza Awarded Funding
12/09/15 - Peter Robinson Serves on NESC Review Board For Orion GNC Fault Detection, Isolation, & Recovery System
12/04/15 - Nikunj Oza Gives Invited Talk at Kaiser Permanente's Machine Learning Day
11/20/15 - Intelligent Robotics Group To Build Dragonfly Robot UI as Part of Space Technology Mission Directorate 'Tipping Point' Award
11/20/15 - Media To Tour Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory For The First Time
11/13/15 - Jay Trimble Writes a Chapter For The AIAA Book, Space Operations, Innovations, Inventions, and Discoveries
11/13/15 - TI Researchers Receive SAE 2015 Prognostics & Health Management Conference Honorable Mention For Best Theoretical Paper
11/06/15 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Researchers Win 2015 Prognostics & Health Management Society Conference Best Poster Award
10/30/15 - Joint TI/TH/DLR Paper Awarded The 2015 Infotech@Aerospace AIAA Best Overall Paper
10/29/15 - Presentation of Research on Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems in The Terminal Area
10/29/15 - Diagnostic and Prognostic Group Researchers Present Case Study in Prognostics and Health Management Short Course
10/28/15 - Astrobee Conducts Successful Periodic Techinical Review 2
10/28/15 - NASA Technology Transfer Systems Tool is Streamlining The Agency's Software Distribution Process
10/28/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Win a 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference UAS Track Best Paper Award
10/28/15 - Workshop on Assurance Cases For Software-Intensive Systems Held on September 22nd
10/02/15 - Resource Prospector Conducts Successful Distributed Operations Test
10/02/15 - Inspire II-Halo Development on Track For Payload Safety Review Phase III on October 29th
09/22/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite to Support a Variety of NOAA and NASA Missions, Including Cyclone and Hurricane Research
09/22/15 - Rich Keller Organizes 'Semantic Web For Air Transportation' Meeting
09/22/15 - Rich Keller Presents Ames Air Traffic Management Ontology Effort at The Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference
09/22/15 - NASA Quantum Computing Team is Building a New D-Wave Compiler
09/22/15 - Planning and Scheduling Work Presented at the GEO-CAPE Community Meeting
09/22/15 - Autonomous Mission Operations Project Presents Work at AIAA Space 2015 Conference
09/22/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Win International System Safety Conference Best Paper Award
08/28/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Currently Tracking Hurricanes Danny and Erika For NOAA
08/28/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Organized International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV 2015)
08/21/15 - SPHERES Team to Continue Propellant "Slosh" Experiments in Microgravity
08/14/15 - Resource Prospector Team Successfully Conducts End-To-End Command and Data Paths Test and Completes Mission Simulations
08/14/15 - Nhan Nguyen Chairs Successful AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop at NASA Ames
08/14/15 - Planetary Protection Contamination Study Underway at Mars Analog Site
08/14/15 - Data Science For Climate Networks Proposal Awarded
08/14/15 - Susan Frost Organizes Summer Intern Showcase Panel
08/14/15 - Inductive Monitoring System Delivered to United Launch Alliance
08/14/15 - Wireless Sensor Network Test on SOAREX-8 Sounding Rocket is Successful
08/14/15 - Peter Berg Receives Spaceflight Awareness Award
06/21/15 - Rodney Martin Wins 2015 NASA T&I Data Challenge Award for Smart Building Software Infrastructure Development
06/21/15 - Ames Prognostic Hardware to be Included in the Third Phase of Armstrong’s Vehicle Integrated Propulsion Research Project
06/21/15 - “Enabling Future Autonomy” Workshop to be Held at Ames on August 5-7, 2015
06/21/15 - New Software Verification Package Developed for ACAS X
06/21/15 - Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Parallel Benchmarks Wins Supercomputing’s 2015 Test of Time Award
06/21/15 - Susan Frost Wins USGS Director’s Innovation Award for Sensor Development
06/21/15 - Autonomous Missions Software Experiment Successfully Completed
06/21/15 - International Space Orchestra Record Currently Aboard ISS
06/21/15 - Media Spotlight On NASA International Students
06/21/15 - Air Force Research Lab Funds Airfield Terminal Autonomous Control Architecture
06/21/15 - Wireless Sensor Network Hardware Passes Soarex-8 Flight Qualification Thermal Vacuum Test
06/08/15 - Diagnostics And Prognostics Group Members Open Source X-Plane Communications Toolbox
06/08/15 - Revamping NASA’s Technology Transfer Web Portal
06/08/15 - Tensegrity Robot Project Covered in Popular Science and by Discovery Channel Canada
06/08/15 - Dr. Rozier Gives Workshops on Mathematical Logic for “Wow! That’s Engineering”Dr. Kristin Y. Rozier was invited to give two work
06/08/15 - Robust Software Engineering Members Organize International Spin Symposium on Model-Checking SoftwareRobust Software Engineering
06/08/15 - Smart SPHERES Satellites Employ Smartphone Software for Navigation Demonstration
06/08/15 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Smart SPHERES Face Tracking on the International Space Station
06/08/15 - Jay Trimble Receives AIAA Spaceops 2014 Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Conducts Smart SPHERES Zero-G Testing on a Parabolic Flight
06/08/15 - New Alternative Developed for Space Launch System Ignition Overpressure Suppression
06/08/15 - Susan Frost Serves as Technical Discipline Chair for AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Organizes Sustainability Base Collaborative Research Meeting
06/08/15 - Neha Rungta Gives an Invited Talk at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales in Toulouse, France
06/08/15 - Ames-Based International Space Station Rodent Research Project Launches
06/08/15 - Dr. Kristin Yvonne Rozier Named AIAA Associate Fellow
06/08/15 - Susan Frost Receives 2013 NASA Ames Transfer Technology Award for Residual Mode Filters
06/08/15 - ACES Group Members Participate in Technical Interchange Meeting for the Reduced Crew Operations Project
06/08/15 - NASA’s Quicklaunch Technology Licensing Website is Publicly Launched
06/08/15 - Piloted Simulation Evaluation of Tactical Flight Management System with Onboard Maneuvering Envelope Estimation a Success
06/08/15 - Diagnostics And Prognostics Group Members Win 2014 Prognostics and Health Management Society Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Edward Balaban and Juan J. Alonso Win 2013 PHM Society Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Jose Celaya and Abhinav Saxena Conduct Electronics Prognostics Tutorial at European PHM Society Conference
06/08/15 - Nikunj Oza Gives Invited Talk at Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposiumin Doha, Qatar
06/08/15 - NASA’s Technology Transfer System and Project Management Tools Receive Ames Technology Transfer Awards
06/08/15 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Members Help Test Lithium-Ion Battery for NODES Small Satellite Mission
06/08/15 - NASA 360 Facebook Video Features Tensegrity Robot Project
06/08/15 - Nhan Nguyen Selected to Receive 2013 Transfer Technology Awards for Advanced Control Methods
06/08/15 - Neo-Geography Toolkit Receives Honorable Mention for NASA Software of the Year Award
06/08/15 - NASA Centers Host NASA Formal Methods Symposium 2014
06/08/15 - IRG Simulated Lunar Rover Field Test in California Desert
06/08/15 - Robert Morris Co-Authors Newly Released Book on Constraint-Based Temporal Reasoning
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Conducts Seminar with Faculty and PhD Students at Lund University in Sweden
06/08/15 - Planetary Lake Lander Demonstrates Adaptive Science In Chile
06/08/15 - Ames Software Project Handovers to Johnson Space Center Completed
06/08/15 - DaSH Members Contribute Chapters to New Integrated Vehicle Health Management Book
06/08/15 - Robust Software Engineering Members Organize International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
06/08/15 - Smart “SPHERES” Demonstrates Smartphone Vision-Based Navigation Flying Established Routes Onboard the International Space Statio
06/08/15 - Bryan Matthews and Kanishka Bhaduri Receive 2013 NASA Ames Technology Transfer Award
06/08/15 - Matthew Daigle and Chetan Kulkarni Win 2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Members of Planning and Scheduling Group Participate in International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
06/08/15 - Corina Pasareanu Wins IBM Haifa Verification Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap Testing Demonstrates High-Lift Capability
06/08/15 - Guam Students Use NASA Mission Tools Suite for Education to Follow Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment Flights
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Gives an Invited Talk Following the Opening Event of Green Tech Center in Vejle, Denmark
06/08/15 - Flight Opportunities Reporting System Project Delivers Flight Opportunities Reporting System V1.0
06/08/15 - Prognostic Fault Injection Rig Tested at Kennedy Space Center Cyrogenics Test Laboratory
06/08/15 - Interagency Agreement Completed Between Ames and the FAA for the Airborne Collision Avoidance System and Verification of Collisi
06/08/15 - EDSN Autonomous Planner Completes Pre-Flight Test
06/08/15 - Christian Von Essen and Dimitra Giannakopoulou Win 2014 European Association of Software Science and Technology Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Automatic Anomaly Detection Knowledge Base Updates Demonstrated Using Live Orion EFT-1 Data Feed
06/08/15 - 3D Printing Used to Optomize Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Systems for Volcano Sampling Mission
06/08/15 - Discovery and Systems Health Staff Honored at NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
06/08/15 - Matthew Daigle Gives Invited Talk at Palo Alto Research Center
06/08/15 - Kamalika Das Participatesin National Science Foundation’s Data Mining Proposal Review Panel
06/08/15 - Best Technical Paper at the 50th IEEE Autotest Conference
06/08/15 - Cryosim Software Released on NASA Tech Briefs Website
06/08/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Supports CalWater2 Field Campaign
06/08/15 - John L. Bresina Receives an IAAI-15 Deployed Application Award
06/08/15 - Biologically Inspired Machine Intelligence Proposal Selected for Award
06/08/15 - Intelligent Systems Division Hosts Visit by Dr. Johann Bals, Director of DLR’s Institute for System Dynamics and Control
06/08/15 - Advanced Air Traffic Management Ontology Released to the Federal Aviation Administration
06/08/15 - Proposal Awarded for Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies
06/08/15 - Astrobee Conducts Successful Periodic Technical Review #1
06/08/15 - Autonomous Missions Operations Software Completes First Pre-Flight Test
06/08/15 - Autonomous Mission Operations Experiment Commencing Onboard International Space Station
06/08/15 - Center Innovation Fund Awards Phase 1 Proposal for Adaptable, Deployable Entry and Placement Technology Guidance and Control
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Android Tablet Application Demonstrated During Orion EFT-1 Flight
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Reasoner Advanced to Meet Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 Goals
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Monitors Health of Orion Critical Vehicle Systems for EFT-1
06/08/15 - Neha Rungta and Adrian Agogino Present at 2014 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
06/08/15 - Human Research Program Successfully Deploys 1Portal V3.1 at Johnson Space Center
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