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News for the year 2013

10/18/13 - Dr. Kristin Y Rozier Gives Invited Lectures at the University of Miami
10/18/13 - Yildiray Yildiz Gives Talk on Predicting the Evolution of Complex Systems with Human Elements
10/18/13 - Integration of Automated Planning And Scheduling with Integrated Systems Health Management Successfully Demonstrated
10/18/13 - Vytas Sunspiral and Adrian Agogino Win Phase II NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Award
10/18/13 - Dr. Kristin Y. Rozier Wins AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award
10/18/13 - Nhan Nguyen Elected AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee Chair
10/18/13 - Geometry Calculation Tool (WebGeocalc) Released For Alpha Test
10/18/13 - Ames-Industry Team Uses the Rapid ‘Ice’ Method to Assess Synthetic Biology Applications to NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge
10/18/13 - Autonomous Mission Operations Software Review and Management Demonstration Helps Fine-Tune AMO Software
10/18/13 - Intelligent Robotics Group Lead Dr. Terry Fong Wins Silver Snoopy Award
10/18/13 - Physics Based Methods Group Successfully Demonstrates Chafing Fault-Detection Technology on C-17 Jet Engine
10/18/13 - Surface Telerobotics Team Successfully Conducts Second K10 Rover Test with the International Space Station
09/26/13 - John Kanishege and Shivanjli Sharma Win Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar’s Best Paper
09/26/13 - Ames Surface Telerobotics Team Successfully Conducts First Surface Telerobotics Test With ISS
09/26/13 - NASA’s Springer Journal Publishes Ashok Srivistava and Johann Schumann’s Paper on Software Health Management
09/26/13 - Tactical Flight Management System Experiment on the Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator
09/26/13 - IRIS Ground Data and Mission Operations Systems Teams Prepare for Launch
09/26/13 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Renews CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
09/26/13 - Planetary Data System User-Centered Design Team Demonstrates New Data Preparation Tool
09/26/13 - Intelligent Systems Division Researchers volunteer at Synopsis Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair
09/26/13 - Division Passes Readiness Review for Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
09/26/13 - Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-Intensive Systems
09/26/13 - Japanese Researchers Present Work on Assurance Cases
09/26/13 - Ames Hosts 8th International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling For Space
09/26/13 - Dr. Rozier Gives an Invited Lecture on “Formal Methods and Other Awesome Applications in Engineering”
09/26/13 - Speed Agile Powered-Lift System Concept Demonstration Team Receives 2013 Aviation Week Laureate Award
09/26/13 - Airborne Science Mission Tools Suite Completes Support Operations for the Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX) 2013
09/26/13 - Vytas Sunspiral and Adrian Agogino Present Super Ball Bot Robotic Tensegrity Lander Concept at NIAC Symposium
05/22/13 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Conducts Communications Test Between ISS and Ames Marscape
05/22/13 - Dr. Rozier Participates in Career Fair at Santa Clara University
05/22/13 - NASA Headquarters Open House Talk on Inauguration Day Features Autonomous Missions Operations Project
05/22/13 - Education Outreach Students Win National Awards
05/22/13 - Vehicle Systems Safety Technologies Project Hosts Technical Interchange Meeting
05/22/13 - Dr. David Smith Gives Invited Talk at First Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
05/22/13 - Intelligent Systems Division Personnel and Colleagues Participate in First Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
05/22/13 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Demonstrates Remote Operation of “Smart Spheres” on Space Station
01/08/13 - Dr. Giannakopoulou Co-Chairs 18th International Symposium on Formal Methods
01/08/13 - Robust Software Engineering Members Help Organize Ames Formal Aspects of Component Software Symposium
01/08/13 - Dr. Srivistava Elected AIAA Associate Fellow
01/08/13 - V. Stepanyan and K. Krisnakumar Publish Chapter in “Advances in Intelligent and Autonomous Aerospace Systems”
01/08/13 - Abhinav Saxena Awarded PHM Society’s Distinguished Service Award
01/08/13 - Dr. Rozier Gives Invited Lectures at University Of Miami
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