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News for the year 2012

12/27/12 - U.S. Adaptive Control Patent Awarded to NASA Scientists
12/27/12 - Dr. Giannakopoulou Speaks at 17th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial-Critical Systems
12/27/12 - Prognostics Center of Excellence Wins Best Paper Awards
12/27/12 - Jeremy Frank Gives Speaks at University of Miami Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
12/27/12 - Planetary Data Systems 4 Tools Released to Planetary Sciences Community
12/27/12 - Habitat Automation Software Successfully Demonstrated During JSC Deep Space Habitat Mission Operations Test
10/19/12 - Jose Celaya Galvan Receives Ames Safety Award
10/19/12 - ODVEC Monitoring System Certified and Deployed in JSC Mission Control Center
10/19/12 - General Electric Begins Work on Cloud Computing for Air Traffic Management
10/19/12 - Enjoying Math: Learning Problem Solving with KenKen Puzzles published by Deepak Kulkarni
10/19/12 - Power Planning and Analysis Tool Certified for JSC Mission Control Ops
10/19/12 - OCAMS Team Receives Award from Space Station Crew and Flight Directors
10/19/12 - Elements of Mission Control Technologies Software Employed at JPL for the Mars Science Lab Mission
10/19/12 - MSLICE Planning and Scheduling Software Keeps Curiosity on Track
10/19/12 - Adrian Agogino And Vytas Sunspiral Win NASA Innovative Advanced Concept Award
10/19/12 - NEX Proposal Selected for CMAC Award
10/19/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Provides Key Science Operations Software for In-Situ Resource Utilization Field Test
10/09/12 - NASA/Boeing Meeting on Elastic Aircraft Flight Control Research
10/09/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Performs Smartphone Test Onboard ISS
10/09/12 - Nhan Nguyen Chairs AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference
10/09/12 - OCAMS Release 4.4 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
10/09/12 - Ashok Srivastava Selected as AIAA Journal Editor in Chief
10/09/12 - Code TI Hosts Marie Curie Fellow
10/09/12 - Solar Array Constraint Engine Passes Critical Design Review
10/04/12 - OCAMS 4.3 Deployed In JSC Mission Control
10/04/12 - Bill Clancey Reviews Cognitive Complexity And Error Research Program
10/04/12 - Autonomous Systems and Avionics Project Receives NASA Space Act Award
10/04/12 - Ashok Srivistava Receives University of Colorado at Boulder’s 2012 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award
10/04/12 - RSE Researchers Lecture at Menlo College International Summer School on Formal Techniques
10/04/12 - IKOS Meets Aviation Safety APG Milestone
07/20/12 - Autonomous Mission Operations Baseline Tests Completed
07/18/12 - Division Aeronautics Researchers Win 2011 ARMD Associate Administrator Awards
07/18/12 - DASH Researchers Attend and Speak at Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop
07/18/12 - RSE Researchers Team With NASA Colleagues to Host Fourth Formal Methods Symposium
07/18/12 - Mission Control Technologies Certified for ISS Operations
07/18/12 - Mike Shafto And Dave Korsmeyer Co-Author “Contributions To Information Technology: A View From Ames Research Center”
07/18/12 - Stephen Jacklin Co-Authors Next-Generation Avionics Roadmap v2
07/18/12 - Ashok Srivastava Edits Advances In Machine Learning And Data Mining For Astronomy
07/18/12 - Technical Overview of Optimal Rotorcraft Trajectories Work Presented to Langley’s Aeroacoustics Branch
07/18/12 - Ames Mission Network Deployed for LADEE and IRIS Missions
03/04/12 - Bill Clancey Gives Invited Lecture at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club
02/23/12 - Lester Barrows Wins 2011 Forensics Challenge
02/23/12 - Intelligent Systems Division Helps Make NASA Quantum Future Technologies Conference a Success
02/23/12 - Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Passes Engineering Readiness Test 2
02/23/12 - IEEE Posts Human Exploration Telerobotics Overview Video on Blog
02/23/12 - Active Wing-Shaping Flight Control for Drag Reduction Cited in Aviation Week Magazine
02/23/12 - OCAMS Release 4.2 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
02/23/12 - Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Invited Talk at NASA Quantum Future Technologies Conference
02/23/12 - Bill Clancey Presents Keynote Lecture at Robotic Mining Workshop in South Africa
02/23/12 - First Release Of ADCO Planning Exchange Tool Delivered To JSC
02/23/12 - IRIS Passes Mission Operations Review
02/23/12 - Machine Learning in Systems Health Management Book Released
02/23/12 - Failure Consequence Assessment System Team Hosts Technical Interchange Meeting
02/23/12 - Training on Modeling the Space Launch System Using Teams Designer at MSFC
02/23/12 - Dr. Ann Patterson-Hine Edits System Health Management Book
02/23/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Releases High-Resolution Lunar Maps Generated by New Computer Vision Algorithms
02/23/12 - IMS Aircraft Health Monitoring Case Study Presented to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
02/23/12 - Autonomous Mission Operations Project Featured in JSC Roundup Magazine
02/23/12 - OCAMS Release 4.1 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
02/23/12 - Successful Test of SPHERES With Smartphone Controller Onboard the ISS
02/14/12 - Prognostics Center of Excellence Groups Win Best Paper Awards at 2011 Prognostics And Health Management Society Conference
02/14/12 - EXCEDE Proposal Funded for Technology Development
02/14/12 - IRIS Ground Data System 2.0 Released
02/14/12 - Dimitra Giannakopoulou Gives Invited Talks at Schools in Palo Alto, Italy, and Greece
02/14/12 - Crew Decision Systems Group Demonstrates Integrated System On Desert Rats’ Deep Space Habitat
02/14/12 - OCAMS 4 Deployed in JSC Mission Control—Automated Uplink and Downlink of ISS Files
02/14/12 - First Smartphone Certified to Fly on ISS
02/14/12 - PLATO Team Receives NASA Honor Award
02/14/12 - MCT Team Receives JSC Director’s Innovation Award
02/14/12 - Kalmanje S. Krishnakumar wins NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
02/14/12 - Advanced Planning Technology Knowledge Engineering Tools Presentations
02/14/12 - Gundy-Burlet Wins 2011 NASA Exceptional Engineering Medal
02/14/12 - Gigapan Voyage Remotely Captures First Underwater Panorama
02/14/12 - Jeremy Frank Gives Invited Presentation at Space Ops 2011
02/14/12 - ELP Team Wins NASA Group Achievement Award
02/14/12 - Prognostic Algorithm Performance Demonstrated on Electric UAV Batteries Onboard the Edge 540 Platform
02/14/12 - AIAA Publishes Control Allocation Paper
02/14/12 - AMISS Certified and Deployed in JSC Mission Control
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