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News for the year 2011

07/18/11 - IRG “Crater Detection” Challenge for NASA Tournament Lab
07/18/11 - Dr. David Smith Invited Talk at International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling For Space
07/18/11 - Bill Clancey Lectures at Two Malaysian Institutions
06/23/11 - STAR Presented to NASA Software of the Year Panel
06/21/11 - Aviation Week & Space Technology Highlights Elastic-Shaped Future Air Vehicle Work
06/21/11 - Ames Research Center Joins Space Operations Committee-at-Large
06/21/11 - CAS Projects Featured at International Conference on Collaboration
06/21/11 - NASA Tech Briefs Spotlights Chad Frost
06/21/11 - Education Outreach Students Win National Awards
06/21/11 - Airspace Control Paper Accepted for AIAA ATIO Conference
06/21/11 - Mission Control Technologies (MCT) Utilized by JSC’s Morpheus Lander Project
06/21/11 - STAR Selected as Ames Representative for NASA’s Software of the Year Competition
06/21/11 - Computer Science Review Publishes Kristin Y. Rozier’s Linear Temporal Logic Symbolic Model Checking Paper
06/21/11 - RSE Researchers Team with NASA Colleagues to Host Third Formal Methods Symposium
06/21/11 - NSF Selects Kristin Y. Rozier’s Life-Critical System Verification “Nugget” as NSF Poster Set
05/26/11 - MIT Press to Publish Book about Scientists’ Experience Using the Mars Exploration Rovers
05/26/11 - NASA’s Leading Edge TV Program Features Ames Data Miners
05/26/11 - MCT Completes Integration With JSC Mission Control’s Uncertified Operations
05/26/11 - STAR v0.9.1 Release
05/26/11 - Successful Completion of ARRA “Health Management Technologies Research & Development” Task
05/26/11 - OCAMS Release 4 Completes User Acceptance Testing
05/18/11 - Ames Hosts Aircraft Working Group Meeting
05/18/11 - Balaban Gives Stanford Prognostic Health Management Research Talk
05/18/11 - IEEE Awards Ashok Srivastava and Irving Statler for Data Mining Case Study
05/18/11 - 2010 Year In Review Article Highlights Ames Researchers
05/18/11 - Bill Clancey Selected as APS Fellow
05/18/11 - Adaptive Control Flight Tests on NASA F-18 Aircraft
05/18/11 - Programming Challenges Created for NASA Tournament Lab
05/18/11 - Ground Support Systems Prognostics Technology Demonstrated to KSC
05/18/11 - Hasso Plattner Institute Workshop Visits Ames
05/18/11 - Pilot Tests for Emergency Landing Planner
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