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News for the year 2019

08/23/19 - Exploration Medical Capability Element Delivers Habitat Data System Level 4 Requirements for Medical Level-of-Care IV Missions
08/19/19 - SOFIA Platform Interface System Team Successfully Completes Upgrade and Engineering Lineops
08/19/19 - NASA Multi-Center Group Completes 3D LIDAR Scan for Ames Research Center and Park
08/08/19 - Anti-Phase Rotor Noise Suppression Technology Experimentally Confirmed
08/08/19 - Robust Software Engineering Members Train General Electric Researchers on the AdvoCATE Safety Assurance Case Tool
08/08/19 - Jay Trimble Gives Keynote Talk on Returning to the Moon at the Space Mission Challenges for IT Conference
08/02/19 - Jay Trimble Writes Human Landing System Concept of Operations
07/26/19 - Robotics Alliance Project Hosts Fremont High School Tech Challenge Team Visit
07/19/19 - Advanced Adaptive Wing-Control Technology to be Demonstrated at University of Washington
06/27/19 - Planning & Scheduling Group to Have a Significant Presence at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
06/20/19 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Renews CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
06/20/19 - Astrobee Team Conducts Successful Localization and Mobility Session With the Astrobee Free-Flyer on the ISS
06/14/19 - Ames ICICLES Project Successfully Completes Culminating Demonstrations and Delivers Final Report
06/14/19 - NASA Ames and the San Francisco International Airport Sign Space Act Agreement
05/31/19 - Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy Project Conducts Successful Joint Preliminary Design and Technical Assessment Periodic Reviews
05/31/19 - NASA/Ocean Exploration Trust SUBSEA Project Using Exploration Ground Data Systems Software
05/14/19 - First Free-Flying Astrobee Robot Powered Up on the International Space Station
05/14/19 - Diagnostics & Prognostics Group Members Mentor Students in NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program
04/29/19 - Astrobee Free-Flying Robots Delivered to International Space Station
04/15/19 - Jay Trimble Presents Human Landing System Concept of Operations to Return Humans to the Moon
04/15/19 - Jay Trimble Visits Astrobotic in Support of Their Commercial Lunar Lander Development
03/28/19 - Decision Support Group Members Conduct Webinar on Trajectory Option Set Generation Software
03/22/19 - Collaborative Trajectory Option Program Decision Support Software to be Demonstrated in FAA Command Center March 29th
03/18/19 - Aviation Week Cover Story Features Misson Adaptive Digital Composite Aerostructure Technologies (MADCAT) Project
03/08/19 - Exploration Medical Capability Element Delivers Level 4 Habitat Medical System Requirements for Gateway Missions
03/08/19 - Astrobee Docking Station on the International Space Station to be Updated in April for Arrival of Two Astrobee Free-Flyers
03/08/19 - TI Researcher Participates on NASA Autonomy Panel
03/01/19 - Autonomous Systems and Operations Project to Deliver Augmented Reality Demonstration Software to ISS at the end of March
02/01/19 - Deliverable Mapping Project Completes v1.0 Software for the Human Research Program
02/01/19 - Advanced Control & Evolvable Systems Group Members Win AIAA SciTech '19 Modeling & Simulation Best Paper Award
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