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News for the year 2021

07/12/21 - ISAAC Project Completes First Major Project Review
07/12/21 - Fluidice Telescope Experiment (FLUTE) to be Conducted Aboard International Space Station
06/25/21 - Division Researchers Help Evaluate eVTOL Vehicle Models and Flight Control Systems in Vertical Motion Simulator
06/22/21 - OceanWATERS Software Team Releases 8th Open Source Version of Software
05/26/21 - Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Team Receives Algorithms Journal 2020 Best Paper Award
05/26/21 - Space Cookies Robotics Team Wins 2021 First Robtotics Competition's Regional Chairman's Award
05/17/21 - Diagnostics & Prognostics Group Release New Prognostics Research Python Packages
05/17/21 - OceanWATERS Project Presents at 2021 ASCE Earth and Space Conference
05/17/21 - Guillaume Brat to Present in the Next SAE G34 — AI in Aviation — on May 20, 2021
04/30/21 - OceanWATERS Project to Begin New Collaborations Under COLDTech Program
04/30/21 - Jeremy Frank to Present on Artificial Intelligence in Space Exploration at the Upcoming NATO Meeting on Autonomy
04/23/21 - ISAAC Project Completes Phase 1 Campaign with Astrobee Free-Flyer Robots on the International Space Station
03/19/21 - Corina Pasareanu Awarded ETAPS Conference Test of Time Award for 2003 Paper
03/12/21 - Planning and Scheduling Group Selected to Analyze Kennedy Space Center Spaceport Operations
03/12/21 - Data Sciences Group Partners with UC Berkeley Startup Marketplace to Bring the Inductive Monitoring System into the Classroom
02/05/21 - Chetan Kulkarni and External Partners Release New Turbofan Engine Degradation Simulation Dataset
02/01/21 - Thomas Lambaerts Receives American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Distinguished Service Award
01/11/21 - Intelligent Robotics Group Wins Silicon Valley Robotics 'Good Robot' Industry Championship Award
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