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07/18/17 - Autonomous Systems and Robotics Groups Release Desktop Exploration of Remote Terrain (DERT) Software
06/30/17 - Planning and Scheduling Group Participates in 2017 International Conference on Planning and Scheduling
06/30/17 - Ames to Host Zero Robotics Field Day For Middle and High School Students July 7th
06/27/17 - Testing to Validate Adaptive Real-Time Drag Optimization Control for Adaptive Wing Technologies to Take Place This Summer
06/19/17 - NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application Will Be Officially Launched To The Public June 20th, 2017
06/19/17 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project To Complete Final Design Drawings of The Astrobee Free-Flying Robot
06/19/17 - Resource Prospector Rover Flight Software Team Investigating Automatic Test Generation Technique
06/19/17 - Dr. Guillaume Brat To Give a Talk at The Design Automation Conference
06/19/17 - Safe Autonomous Flight Environment For Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team To Receive NASA Group Achievement Award
04/28/17 - Stall Recovery Guidance Experiment To Run in The Ames Vertical Motion Simulator
04/28/17 - NASA Ames Researchers To Participate in Air Force Research Lab's Summer of Innovation
04/24/17 - Matthew Daigle Gives Talk To International Forum For Aviatian Research Technical Interchange
04/24/17 - TI Researchers Host Los Gatos High School Job Shadow Day
04/14/17 - BioSentinel Flight Software v4A1 Set For Release April 20th
04/14/17 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace Demonstrated To FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committe
04/14/17 - Robust Software Engineering Group To Perform Analysis of Core Autonomous Safety Software
04/14/17 - Code TI Engineer Participates in First Annual Indigenous STEM Robotics Competition
04/10/17 - Data Sciences Group Presents Work at Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium in Doha, Qatar
04/10/17 - Intelligent Systems Division Researchers Volunteer at Synopsys Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair
04/03/17 - Code TI Contributes to Successful Deployment of TechEdSat5 From International Space Station and Completion of Initial Ops
04/03/17 - TI Researchers Provide Safety Case Leading To FAA Approval of First-Ever Small UAS BVLOS Operations Over Land
04/03/17 - Code TI Helps Host University of Roterdam Visit to the Collaboratory, Spaceshop, and Advanced Control Technologies Laboratory
04/03/17 - Diana Acosta Speaks on "Innovation Practice: Women Leaders Discuss Innovation" Panel at Vodafone Enterprise Studio Event
03/24/17 - FAA-NASA Telecon Explores Potential Collaboration on Aviation Ontologies
03/20/17 - Code TI Members Participate in NASA/DLR Collaboration Meeting on "Unmanned Freight Operation"
03/20/17 - Code TI Members Participate in "Autonomous Towing For Future Transportation Systems" Meeting
03/03/17 - NASA and Rigetti Computing Sign Space Act Agreement For Collaboration on Prototype Quantum Computing Hardware
02/24/17 - Data Sciences Group Supported VESGEN Software Highlighted in Upcoming TechBytes Article
01/27/17 - SPHERES Project Shatters Record For Highest Operating Tempo in Supported International Space Station Activities
01/27/17 - Eleanor Rieffel Gives Invited Talk at Frontiers in Quantum Coherent Science Event
01/27/17 - Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems Researchers Receive 6 NASA Ames 2016 Technology Transfer Awards
01/27/17 - Code TI Staff Honored at The 2016 NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
01/20/17 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace To Be Demonstrated To The National Research Council
01/13/17 - Generic Software For Prognostics Released Open Source
01/06/17 - Astrobee Conducts International Space Station Delta Payload Safety Review Panel #2
01/06/17 - Astrobee Conducts Delta Periodic Technical Review #3
12/12/16 - RSE Researcher Corina Pasareanu Named 2016 Distinguished Scientist By The Association For Computing Machinery
12/12/16 - Dr. Susan Frost Selected as American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Member Spotlight For November, 2016
12/02/16 - Codes T and TI Contribute To Recently Released Artificial Intelligence Reports
11/29/16 - Matthew Daigle Gives Invited Lecture at University of Maryland, College Park
11/10/16 - Workshop on Assurance Cases With Panel on Safety of Autonomy Held on September 20th
11/10/16 - Collaborative Life Sciences Repository Team Receives Space Flight Awareness Award
11/09/16 - Real-Time Safety Monitoring of National Airspace Demonstrated To NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee
11/08/16 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Supports Orion Entry and Landing Simulation
10/24/16 - "SPHERES"/Astrobee Working Group Quarterly Meeting To Be Held at Ames on November 10th
10/24/16 - "SPHERES" Engineering Team Completes SPHERES "Blue" Satellite Repair for International Space Station
10/14/16 - Advanced Caution & Warning System Demonstrated To NASA Administrator
09/28/16 - International Space Orchestra Performs at the Iconic Hollywood Bowl
09/23/16 - QuAIL Team is The First to Successfully Train a Quantum Computer to Generate Handwritten Digits
09/12/16 - Eric Barszcz Presents BatchEditor to NASA 'TEAMS' User Group
08/24/16 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Release Open Source Prognostics Toolboxes
08/19/16 - Autonomy Operating System Project Conducts First Successful Interactive Test Flights With Air Traffic Control Communication
08/19/16 - Stefan Schuet Presents Invited Talk at the Airline Operations Workshop
08/15/16 - George Gorospe and Interns Featured in NASA and Industry News
08/05/16 - Technology Insertion Projects Group Members Present Work at Space Launch System Technical Interchange Meeting
08/05/16 - George Gorospe Organizes Second TI Intern Showcase Event
06/30/16 - Astrobee Successfully Conducts Periodic Technical Review #3
06/30/16 - Edward Balaban Participates in Antarctic Expedition Organized By The 2041 Foundation To Test NASA Technologies
06/30/16 - Tensegrity and Soft Robotics Technical Exchange Meeting To Be Held at Ames on July 14, 2016
06/30/16 - International Planning and Scheduling Conference Features Many TI Planning and Scheduling Papers
06/15/16 - Indranil Roychoudhury Gives Invited Talk at Palo Alto Research Center
06/10/16 - Robust Software Engineering To Develop V&V Tools Under New Space Act Agreement With General Electric
06/10/16 - Cornell University's Masters of Professional Studies Program Uses TI-Developed "ACCEPT" Software
06/10/16 - Thomas Lombaerts Gives Invited Plenary Talk at Airbus in Toulouse, France
05/25/16 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Renews CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
05/25/16 - Ongoing Flight Tests Successfully Demonstrating Virtual Testbed Infrastructure
05/25/16 - Hamed Valizadegan To Give Invited Talk at Machine Learning Innovation Summit
05/19/16 - Nodes Small Satellites Deployed From ISS With Batteries Certified at The Prognostics Center of Exclellence's SHARP Lab
05/12/16 - MADCAT's Maiden Flight a Success
05/12/16 - VISTA Delivered to Jet Propulsion Laboratory
05/12/16 - Nhan Nguyen Gives Invited Keynote Talk at The German Aerospace Center, DLR
04/29/16 - Matthew Daigle and Nikunj Oza Present SMART-NAS Real-Time Safety Modeling at NASA - FAA Safety Research Transition Team Meeting
04/29/16 - Planning and Scheduling Group Members To Be Awarded Honorable Mention For ICAPS 2016 Most Influential Paper
04/29/16 - International Space Orchestra Performs at San Francisco's Historic Fillmore Theater
04/15/16 - Robust Software Engineering To Develop V&V Tools Under New Space Act Agreement With The Air Force Research Lab
04/15/16 - Resource Prospector Receives Advanced Exploration Systems Innovation Award
04/07/16 - Nhan Nguyen Awarded U.S. Patent For Optimal Control Modification
03/30/16 - TI Employees Host Students From Los Gatos High School as Part of Job-Shadow Day
03/18/16 - Ames' Intelligent Systems Division Passes Readiness Review For Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
03/02/16 - 2nd Generation Wireless Sensor Module Delivered to Wallops Flight Facility For SOAREX-9 Launch
02/23/16 - Intelligent Systems Division To Hold Readiness Review For Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
02/11/16 - Nhan Nguyen Awarded "Variable-Camber Continuous Aerodynamic Control Surfaces and Methods For Active Wing-Shaping Control" Patent
02/11/16 - Discovery and Systems Health Staff Honored at The NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
01/28/16 - JSC Rapid Prototyping Lab To Conduct Joint Fault Management Simulation With Orion Crew and Flight Controllers
01/25/16 - Code TI Helps Sponsor Cross-Center/Cross-Program Collaborative Life Science Data Technical Exchange Meeting
01/06/16 - Announcement of Assurance of Autonomous Systems For Aviation Workshop (AASA 2016)
12/09/15 - ATCorp's "Novel, Multidisciplinary Global Optimization under Uncertainty" Phase 2 Proposal With Co-I Nikunj Oza Awarded Funding
12/09/15 - Peter Robinson Serves on NESC Review Board For Orion GNC Fault Detection, Isolation, & Recovery System
12/04/15 - Nikunj Oza Gives Invited Talk at Kaiser Permanente's Machine Learning Day
11/20/15 - Intelligent Robotics Group To Build Dragonfly Robot UI as Part of Space Technology Mission Directorate 'Tipping Point' Award
11/20/15 - Media To Tour Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory For The First Time
11/13/15 - Jay Trimble Writes a Chapter For The AIAA Book, Space Operations, Innovations, Inventions, and Discoveries
11/13/15 - TI Researchers Receive SAE 2015 Prognostics & Health Management Conference Honorable Mention For Best Theoretical Paper
11/06/15 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Researchers Win 2015 Prognostics & Health Management Society Conference Best Poster Award
10/30/15 - Joint TI/TH/DLR Paper Awarded The 2015 Infotech@Aerospace AIAA Best Overall Paper
10/29/15 - Presentation of Research on Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems in The Terminal Area
10/29/15 - Diagnostic and Prognostic Group Researchers Present Case Study in Prognostics and Health Management Short Course
10/28/15 - Astrobee Conducts Successful Periodic Techinical Review 2
10/28/15 - NASA Technology Transfer Systems Tool is Streamlining The Agency's Software Distribution Process
10/28/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Win a 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference UAS Track Best Paper Award
10/28/15 - Workshop on Assurance Cases For Software-Intensive Systems Held on September 22nd
10/02/15 - Resource Prospector Conducts Successful Distributed Operations Test
10/02/15 - Inspire II-Halo Development on Track For Payload Safety Review Phase III on October 29th
09/22/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite to Support a Variety of NOAA and NASA Missions, Including Cyclone and Hurricane Research
09/22/15 - Rich Keller Organizes 'Semantic Web For Air Transportation' Meeting
09/22/15 - Rich Keller Presents Ames Air Traffic Management Ontology Effort at The Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference
09/22/15 - NASA Quantum Computing Team is Building a New D-Wave Compiler
09/22/15 - Planning and Scheduling Work Presented at the GEO-CAPE Community Meeting
09/22/15 - Autonomous Mission Operations Project Presents Work at AIAA Space 2015 Conference
09/22/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Win International System Safety Conference Best Paper Award
08/28/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Currently Tracking Hurricanes Danny and Erika For NOAA
08/28/15 - Robust Software Engineering Researchers Organized International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV 2015)
08/21/15 - SPHERES Team to Continue Propellant "Slosh" Experiments in Microgravity
08/14/15 - Resource Prospector Team Successfully Conducts End-To-End Command and Data Paths Test and Completes Mission Simulations
08/14/15 - Nhan Nguyen Chairs Successful AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop at NASA Ames
08/14/15 - Planetary Protection Contamination Study Underway at Mars Analog Site
08/14/15 - Data Science For Climate Networks Proposal Awarded
08/14/15 - Susan Frost Organizes Summer Intern Showcase Panel
08/14/15 - Inductive Monitoring System Delivered to United Launch Alliance
08/14/15 - Wireless Sensor Network Test on SOAREX-8 Sounding Rocket is Successful
08/14/15 - Peter Berg Receives Spaceflight Awareness Award
06/21/15 - Rodney Martin Wins 2015 NASA T&I Data Challenge Award for Smart Building Software Infrastructure Development
06/21/15 - Ames Prognostic Hardware to be Included in the Third Phase of Armstrong’s Vehicle Integrated Propulsion Research Project
06/21/15 - “Enabling Future Autonomy” Workshop to be Held at Ames on August 5-7, 2015
06/21/15 - New Software Verification Package Developed for ACAS X
06/21/15 - Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Parallel Benchmarks Wins Supercomputing’s 2015 Test of Time Award
06/21/15 - Susan Frost Wins USGS Director’s Innovation Award for Sensor Development
06/21/15 - Autonomous Missions Software Experiment Successfully Completed
06/21/15 - International Space Orchestra Record Currently Aboard ISS
06/21/15 - Media Spotlight On NASA International Students
06/21/15 - Air Force Research Lab Funds Airfield Terminal Autonomous Control Architecture
06/21/15 - Wireless Sensor Network Hardware Passes Soarex-8 Flight Qualification Thermal Vacuum Test
06/08/15 - Diagnostics And Prognostics Group Members Open Source X-Plane Communications Toolbox
06/08/15 - Revamping NASA’s Technology Transfer Web Portal
06/08/15 - Tensegrity Robot Project Covered in Popular Science and by Discovery Channel Canada
06/08/15 - Dr. Rozier Gives Workshops on Mathematical Logic for “Wow! That’s Engineering”Dr. Kristin Y. Rozier was invited to give two work
06/08/15 - Robust Software Engineering Members Organize International Spin Symposium on Model-Checking SoftwareRobust Software Engineering
06/08/15 - Smart SPHERES Satellites Employ Smartphone Software for Navigation Demonstration
06/08/15 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Smart SPHERES Face Tracking on the International Space Station
06/08/15 - Jay Trimble Receives AIAA Spaceops 2014 Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Conducts Smart SPHERES Zero-G Testing on a Parabolic Flight
06/08/15 - New Alternative Developed for Space Launch System Ignition Overpressure Suppression
06/08/15 - Susan Frost Serves as Technical Discipline Chair for AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Organizes Sustainability Base Collaborative Research Meeting
06/08/15 - Neha Rungta Gives an Invited Talk at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales in Toulouse, France
06/08/15 - Ames-Based International Space Station Rodent Research Project Launches
06/08/15 - Dr. Kristin Yvonne Rozier Named AIAA Associate Fellow
06/08/15 - Susan Frost Receives 2013 NASA Ames Transfer Technology Award for Residual Mode Filters
06/08/15 - ACES Group Members Participate in Technical Interchange Meeting for the Reduced Crew Operations Project
06/08/15 - NASA’s Quicklaunch Technology Licensing Website is Publicly Launched
06/08/15 - Piloted Simulation Evaluation of Tactical Flight Management System with Onboard Maneuvering Envelope Estimation a Success
06/08/15 - Diagnostics And Prognostics Group Members Win 2014 Prognostics and Health Management Society Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Edward Balaban and Juan J. Alonso Win 2013 PHM Society Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Jose Celaya and Abhinav Saxena Conduct Electronics Prognostics Tutorial at European PHM Society Conference
06/08/15 - Nikunj Oza Gives Invited Talk at Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposiumin Doha, Qatar
06/08/15 - NASA’s Technology Transfer System and Project Management Tools Receive Ames Technology Transfer Awards
06/08/15 - Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Members Help Test Lithium-Ion Battery for NODES Small Satellite Mission
06/08/15 - NASA 360 Facebook Video Features Tensegrity Robot Project
06/08/15 - Nhan Nguyen Selected to Receive 2013 Transfer Technology Awards for Advanced Control Methods
06/08/15 - Neo-Geography Toolkit Receives Honorable Mention for NASA Software of the Year Award
06/08/15 - NASA Centers Host NASA Formal Methods Symposium 2014
06/08/15 - IRG Simulated Lunar Rover Field Test in California Desert
06/08/15 - Robert Morris Co-Authors Newly Released Book on Constraint-Based Temporal Reasoning
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Conducts Seminar with Faculty and PhD Students at Lund University in Sweden
06/08/15 - Planetary Lake Lander Demonstrates Adaptive Science In Chile
06/08/15 - Ames Software Project Handovers to Johnson Space Center Completed
06/08/15 - DaSH Members Contribute Chapters to New Integrated Vehicle Health Management Book
06/08/15 - Robust Software Engineering Members Organize International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
06/08/15 - Smart “SPHERES” Demonstrates Smartphone Vision-Based Navigation Flying Established Routes Onboard the International Space Statio
06/08/15 - Bryan Matthews and Kanishka Bhaduri Receive 2013 NASA Ames Technology Transfer Award
06/08/15 - Matthew Daigle and Chetan Kulkarni Win 2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Members of Planning and Scheduling Group Participate in International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
06/08/15 - Corina Pasareanu Wins IBM Haifa Verification Conference Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap Testing Demonstrates High-Lift Capability
06/08/15 - Guam Students Use NASA Mission Tools Suite for Education to Follow Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment Flights
06/08/15 - Rodney Martin Gives an Invited Talk Following the Opening Event of Green Tech Center in Vejle, Denmark
06/08/15 - Flight Opportunities Reporting System Project Delivers Flight Opportunities Reporting System V1.0
06/08/15 - Prognostic Fault Injection Rig Tested at Kennedy Space Center Cyrogenics Test Laboratory
06/08/15 - Interagency Agreement Completed Between Ames and the FAA for the Airborne Collision Avoidance System and Verification of Collisi
06/08/15 - EDSN Autonomous Planner Completes Pre-Flight Test
06/08/15 - Christian Von Essen and Dimitra Giannakopoulou Win 2014 European Association of Software Science and Technology Best Paper Award
06/08/15 - Automatic Anomaly Detection Knowledge Base Updates Demonstrated Using Live Orion EFT-1 Data Feed
06/08/15 - 3D Printing Used to Optomize Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Systems for Volcano Sampling Mission
06/08/15 - Discovery and Systems Health Staff Honored at NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
06/08/15 - Matthew Daigle Gives Invited Talk at Palo Alto Research Center
06/08/15 - Kamalika Das Participatesin National Science Foundation’s Data Mining Proposal Review Panel
06/08/15 - Best Technical Paper at the 50th IEEE Autotest Conference
06/08/15 - Cryosim Software Released on NASA Tech Briefs Website
06/08/15 - NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Supports CalWater2 Field Campaign
06/08/15 - John L. Bresina Receives an IAAI-15 Deployed Application Award
06/08/15 - Biologically Inspired Machine Intelligence Proposal Selected for Award
06/08/15 - Intelligent Systems Division Hosts Visit by Dr. Johann Bals, Director of DLR’s Institute for System Dynamics and Control
06/08/15 - Advanced Air Traffic Management Ontology Released to the Federal Aviation Administration
06/08/15 - Proposal Awarded for Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies
06/08/15 - Astrobee Conducts Successful Periodic Technical Review #1
06/08/15 - Autonomous Missions Operations Software Completes First Pre-Flight Test
06/08/15 - Autonomous Mission Operations Experiment Commencing Onboard International Space Station
06/08/15 - Center Innovation Fund Awards Phase 1 Proposal for Adaptable, Deployable Entry and Placement Technology Guidance and Control
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Android Tablet Application Demonstrated During Orion EFT-1 Flight
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Reasoner Advanced to Meet Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 Goals
06/08/15 - Advanced Caution and Warning System Monitors Health of Orion Critical Vehicle Systems for EFT-1
06/08/15 - Neha Rungta and Adrian Agogino Present at 2014 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
06/08/15 - Human Research Program Successfully Deploys 1Portal V3.1 at Johnson Space Center
10/18/13 - Dr. Kristin Y Rozier Gives Invited Lectures at the University of Miami
10/18/13 - Yildiray Yildiz Gives Talk on Predicting the Evolution of Complex Systems with Human Elements
10/18/13 - Integration of Automated Planning And Scheduling with Integrated Systems Health Management Successfully Demonstrated
10/18/13 - Vytas Sunspiral and Adrian Agogino Win Phase II NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Award
10/18/13 - Dr. Kristin Y. Rozier Wins AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award
10/18/13 - Nhan Nguyen Elected AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee Chair
10/18/13 - Geometry Calculation Tool (WebGeocalc) Released For Alpha Test
10/18/13 - Ames-Industry Team Uses the Rapid ‘Ice’ Method to Assess Synthetic Biology Applications to NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge
10/18/13 - Autonomous Mission Operations Software Review and Management Demonstration Helps Fine-Tune AMO Software
10/18/13 - Intelligent Robotics Group Lead Dr. Terry Fong Wins Silver Snoopy Award
10/18/13 - Physics Based Methods Group Successfully Demonstrates Chafing Fault-Detection Technology on C-17 Jet Engine
10/18/13 - Surface Telerobotics Team Successfully Conducts Second K10 Rover Test with the International Space Station
09/26/13 - John Kanishege and Shivanjli Sharma Win Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar’s Best Paper
09/26/13 - Ames Surface Telerobotics Team Successfully Conducts First Surface Telerobotics Test With ISS
09/26/13 - NASA’s Springer Journal Publishes Ashok Srivistava and Johann Schumann’s Paper on Software Health Management
09/26/13 - Tactical Flight Management System Experiment on the Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator
09/26/13 - IRIS Ground Data and Mission Operations Systems Teams Prepare for Launch
09/26/13 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Renews CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
09/26/13 - Planetary Data System User-Centered Design Team Demonstrates New Data Preparation Tool
09/26/13 - Intelligent Systems Division Researchers volunteer at Synopsis Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair
09/26/13 - Division Passes Readiness Review for Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
09/26/13 - Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-Intensive Systems
09/26/13 - Japanese Researchers Present Work on Assurance Cases
09/26/13 - Ames Hosts 8th International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling For Space
09/26/13 - Dr. Rozier Gives an Invited Lecture on “Formal Methods and Other Awesome Applications in Engineering”
09/26/13 - Speed Agile Powered-Lift System Concept Demonstration Team Receives 2013 Aviation Week Laureate Award
09/26/13 - Airborne Science Mission Tools Suite Completes Support Operations for the Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX) 2013
09/26/13 - Vytas Sunspiral and Adrian Agogino Present Super Ball Bot Robotic Tensegrity Lander Concept at NIAC Symposium
05/22/13 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Conducts Communications Test Between ISS and Ames Marscape
05/22/13 - Dr. Rozier Participates in Career Fair at Santa Clara University
05/22/13 - NASA Headquarters Open House Talk on Inauguration Day Features Autonomous Missions Operations Project
05/22/13 - Education Outreach Students Win National Awards
05/22/13 - Vehicle Systems Safety Technologies Project Hosts Technical Interchange Meeting
05/22/13 - Dr. David Smith Gives Invited Talk at First Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
05/22/13 - Intelligent Systems Division Personnel and Colleagues Participate in First Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
05/22/13 - Human Exploration Telerobotics Project Demonstrates Remote Operation of “Smart Spheres” on Space Station
01/08/13 - Dr. Giannakopoulou Co-Chairs 18th International Symposium on Formal Methods
01/08/13 - Robust Software Engineering Members Help Organize Ames Formal Aspects of Component Software Symposium
01/08/13 - Dr. Srivistava Elected AIAA Associate Fellow
01/08/13 - V. Stepanyan and K. Krisnakumar Publish Chapter in “Advances in Intelligent and Autonomous Aerospace Systems”
01/08/13 - Abhinav Saxena Awarded PHM Society’s Distinguished Service Award
01/08/13 - Dr. Rozier Gives Invited Lectures at University Of Miami
12/27/12 - U.S. Adaptive Control Patent Awarded to NASA Scientists
12/27/12 - Dr. Giannakopoulou Speaks at 17th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial-Critical Systems
12/27/12 - Prognostics Center of Excellence Wins Best Paper Awards
12/27/12 - Jeremy Frank Gives Speaks at University of Miami Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
12/27/12 - Planetary Data Systems 4 Tools Released to Planetary Sciences Community
12/27/12 - Habitat Automation Software Successfully Demonstrated During JSC Deep Space Habitat Mission Operations Test
10/19/12 - Jose Celaya Galvan Receives Ames Safety Award
10/19/12 - ODVEC Monitoring System Certified and Deployed in JSC Mission Control Center
10/19/12 - General Electric Begins Work on Cloud Computing for Air Traffic Management
10/19/12 - Enjoying Math: Learning Problem Solving with KenKen Puzzles published by Deepak Kulkarni
10/19/12 - Power Planning and Analysis Tool Certified for JSC Mission Control Ops
10/19/12 - OCAMS Team Receives Award from Space Station Crew and Flight Directors
10/19/12 - Elements of Mission Control Technologies Software Employed at JPL for the Mars Science Lab Mission
10/19/12 - MSLICE Planning and Scheduling Software Keeps Curiosity on Track
10/19/12 - Adrian Agogino And Vytas Sunspiral Win NASA Innovative Advanced Concept Award
10/19/12 - NEX Proposal Selected for CMAC Award
10/19/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Provides Key Science Operations Software for In-Situ Resource Utilization Field Test
10/09/12 - NASA/Boeing Meeting on Elastic Aircraft Flight Control Research
10/09/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Performs Smartphone Test Onboard ISS
10/09/12 - Nhan Nguyen Chairs AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference
10/09/12 - OCAMS Release 4.4 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
10/09/12 - Ashok Srivastava Selected as AIAA Journal Editor in Chief
10/09/12 - Code TI Hosts Marie Curie Fellow
10/09/12 - Solar Array Constraint Engine Passes Critical Design Review
10/04/12 - OCAMS 4.3 Deployed In JSC Mission Control
10/04/12 - Bill Clancey Reviews Cognitive Complexity And Error Research Program
10/04/12 - Autonomous Systems and Avionics Project Receives NASA Space Act Award
10/04/12 - Ashok Srivistava Receives University of Colorado at Boulder’s 2012 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award
10/04/12 - RSE Researchers Lecture at Menlo College International Summer School on Formal Techniques
10/04/12 - IKOS Meets Aviation Safety APG Milestone
07/20/12 - Autonomous Mission Operations Baseline Tests Completed
07/18/12 - Division Aeronautics Researchers Win 2011 ARMD Associate Administrator Awards
07/18/12 - DASH Researchers Attend and Speak at Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop
07/18/12 - RSE Researchers Team With NASA Colleagues to Host Fourth Formal Methods Symposium
07/18/12 - Mission Control Technologies Certified for ISS Operations
07/18/12 - Mike Shafto And Dave Korsmeyer Co-Author “Contributions To Information Technology: A View From Ames Research Center”
07/18/12 - Stephen Jacklin Co-Authors Next-Generation Avionics Roadmap v2
07/18/12 - Ashok Srivastava Edits Advances In Machine Learning And Data Mining For Astronomy
07/18/12 - Technical Overview of Optimal Rotorcraft Trajectories Work Presented to Langley’s Aeroacoustics Branch
07/18/12 - Ames Mission Network Deployed for LADEE and IRIS Missions
03/04/12 - Bill Clancey Gives Invited Lecture at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club
02/23/12 - Lester Barrows Wins 2011 Forensics Challenge
02/23/12 - Intelligent Systems Division Helps Make NASA Quantum Future Technologies Conference a Success
02/23/12 - Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Passes Engineering Readiness Test 2
02/23/12 - IEEE Posts Human Exploration Telerobotics Overview Video on Blog
02/23/12 - Active Wing-Shaping Flight Control for Drag Reduction Cited in Aviation Week Magazine
02/23/12 - OCAMS Release 4.2 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
02/23/12 - Dr. Jeremy Frank Gives Invited Talk at NASA Quantum Future Technologies Conference
02/23/12 - Bill Clancey Presents Keynote Lecture at Robotic Mining Workshop in South Africa
02/23/12 - First Release Of ADCO Planning Exchange Tool Delivered To JSC
02/23/12 - IRIS Passes Mission Operations Review
02/23/12 - Machine Learning in Systems Health Management Book Released
02/23/12 - Failure Consequence Assessment System Team Hosts Technical Interchange Meeting
02/23/12 - Training on Modeling the Space Launch System Using Teams Designer at MSFC
02/23/12 - Dr. Ann Patterson-Hine Edits System Health Management Book
02/23/12 - Intelligent Robotics Group Releases High-Resolution Lunar Maps Generated by New Computer Vision Algorithms
02/23/12 - IMS Aircraft Health Monitoring Case Study Presented to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
02/23/12 - Autonomous Mission Operations Project Featured in JSC Roundup Magazine
02/23/12 - OCAMS Release 4.1 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
02/23/12 - Successful Test of SPHERES With Smartphone Controller Onboard the ISS
02/14/12 - Prognostics Center of Excellence Groups Win Best Paper Awards at 2011 Prognostics And Health Management Society Conference
02/14/12 - EXCEDE Proposal Funded for Technology Development
02/14/12 - IRIS Ground Data System 2.0 Released
02/14/12 - Dimitra Giannakopoulou Gives Invited Talks at Schools in Palo Alto, Italy, and Greece
02/14/12 - Crew Decision Systems Group Demonstrates Integrated System On Desert Rats’ Deep Space Habitat
02/14/12 - OCAMS 4 Deployed in JSC Mission Control—Automated Uplink and Downlink of ISS Files
02/14/12 - First Smartphone Certified to Fly on ISS
02/14/12 - PLATO Team Receives NASA Honor Award
02/14/12 - MCT Team Receives JSC Director’s Innovation Award
02/14/12 - Kalmanje S. Krishnakumar wins NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
02/14/12 - Advanced Planning Technology Knowledge Engineering Tools Presentations
02/14/12 - Gundy-Burlet Wins 2011 NASA Exceptional Engineering Medal
02/14/12 - Gigapan Voyage Remotely Captures First Underwater Panorama
02/14/12 - Jeremy Frank Gives Invited Presentation at Space Ops 2011
02/14/12 - ELP Team Wins NASA Group Achievement Award
02/14/12 - Prognostic Algorithm Performance Demonstrated on Electric UAV Batteries Onboard the Edge 540 Platform
02/14/12 - AIAA Publishes Control Allocation Paper
02/14/12 - AMISS Certified and Deployed in JSC Mission Control
07/18/11 - IRG “Crater Detection” Challenge for NASA Tournament Lab
07/18/11 - Dr. David Smith Invited Talk at International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling For Space
07/18/11 - Bill Clancey Lectures at Two Malaysian Institutions
06/23/11 - STAR Presented to NASA Software of the Year Panel
06/21/11 - Aviation Week & Space Technology Highlights Elastic-Shaped Future Air Vehicle Work
06/21/11 - Ames Research Center Joins Space Operations Committee-at-Large
06/21/11 - CAS Projects Featured at International Conference on Collaboration
06/21/11 - NASA Tech Briefs Spotlights Chad Frost
06/21/11 - Education Outreach Students Win National Awards
06/21/11 - Airspace Control Paper Accepted for AIAA ATIO Conference
06/21/11 - Mission Control Technologies (MCT) Utilized by JSC’s Morpheus Lander Project
06/21/11 - STAR Selected as Ames Representative for NASA’s Software of the Year Competition
06/21/11 - Computer Science Review Publishes Kristin Y. Rozier’s Linear Temporal Logic Symbolic Model Checking Paper
06/21/11 - RSE Researchers Team with NASA Colleagues to Host Third Formal Methods Symposium
06/21/11 - NSF Selects Kristin Y. Rozier’s Life-Critical System Verification “Nugget” as NSF Poster Set
05/26/11 - MIT Press to Publish Book about Scientists’ Experience Using the Mars Exploration Rovers
05/26/11 - NASA’s Leading Edge TV Program Features Ames Data Miners
05/26/11 - MCT Completes Integration With JSC Mission Control’s Uncertified Operations
05/26/11 - STAR v0.9.1 Release
05/26/11 - Successful Completion of ARRA “Health Management Technologies Research & Development” Task
05/26/11 - OCAMS Release 4 Completes User Acceptance Testing
05/18/11 - Ames Hosts Aircraft Working Group Meeting
05/18/11 - Balaban Gives Stanford Prognostic Health Management Research Talk
05/18/11 - IEEE Awards Ashok Srivastava and Irving Statler for Data Mining Case Study
05/18/11 - 2010 Year In Review Article Highlights Ames Researchers
05/18/11 - Bill Clancey Selected as APS Fellow
05/18/11 - Adaptive Control Flight Tests on NASA F-18 Aircraft
05/18/11 - Programming Challenges Created for NASA Tournament Lab
05/18/11 - Ground Support Systems Prognostics Technology Demonstrated to KSC
05/18/11 - Hasso Plattner Institute Workshop Visits Ames
05/18/11 - Pilot Tests for Emergency Landing Planner
12/21/10 - Constraint and Flight Rule Management 1.0 Delivered to JSC MOD
12/21/10 - Integrated Software Health Management NRA Report Completed
12/21/10 - Mike Shafto Contributes to Special Section of IEEE Intelligent Systems
12/21/10 - Mission Control Technologies Installed In JSC Mission Control’s Uncertified Operations Area
12/21/10 - Tri-ATHLETE Footfall Planning Demonstrated at Desert RATS
12/21/10 - A4O Technology Tested at DRATS
12/20/10 - First Flight of Flyable Electro-Mechanical Actuator
12/20/10 - PHM and Principles of Diagnostics Conferences
12/20/10 - XSearch Development Concludes With Release of Mission Operations Meeting Minutes Search
12/20/10 - Intelligent Robotics Group Supports Desert RATS 2010
12/20/10 - Preliminary Technology Shakedown For Cestol Aircraft Controls Research
12/20/10 - Air Force Research Laboratory Visitors
12/20/10 - IRG Deploys K10 Robots as Part of Haughton-Mars Project
12/20/10 - Dr. Vadim Smelyanskiy Receives Two NASA Tech Brief Awards
12/20/10 - NASA, JPL, and Private Industry Brainstorm Next Generation Software Architectures for Mission Control
12/20/10 - Release of NASA Earth Exchange Dashlink 2.0 Collaborative Websites
12/20/10 - Lunar Analog Science Traverses Experimenting with “Smart Phone” Apps
12/20/10 - V&V Paper Wins Best Paper Award at Safecomp ’10
12/20/10 - Presentation to Leadamerica High School Students About Mars Exploration Rovers
12/20/10 - NASA Teaches Kindergartners How to be Mars Robots
12/20/10 - Verification and Validation Holds Meeting of Experts
12/20/10 - Weather-Impacted Sector Occupancy Paper Presented at GNC Conference
12/20/10 - Convective Weather Forecast Accuracy Paper Accepted for DASC Conference
12/20/10 - RSE Researchers Team with NASA Colleagues to Host Third Formal Methods Symposium
07/28/10 - Public Voting Website for 2010 Desert RATS Mission
07/22/10 - Dr. Johann Schumann Edits Neural Networks Book
07/16/10 - Global Mars Photomosaics Created for Microsoft Worldwide Telescope
07/16/10 - Inductive Monitoring System Delivered for Chandra X-Ray Satellite
07/15/10 - Rozier Authors “Nugget” on Value of Formal Methods for Safety-Critical System Verification
07/15/10 - OCAMS Workflow Automation System Receives JSC Exceptional Software Award
07/15/10 - STAR V0.6 Release
07/15/10 - Enterprise Architecture for Large Systems Presentation
07/15/10 - Ames Intelligent Systems Division Achieves CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
07/15/10 - Dr. Lilly Spirkovska Presents Anomaly Detection Using IMS at Spaceops 2010
07/15/10 - Pasareanu Receives ICSE 2010 Most Influential Paper Award
07/15/10 - Xsearch Incorporates Search of ISS Investigation And Problem Reports
07/15/10 - Inductive Monitoring System Assists in ISS Anomaly Detection Analysis
07/15/10 - Isothermal Accelerated Aging System for Power Semiconductor Prognostics
07/15/10 - Detailed Design for Information Architecture Applications
07/15/10 - V&V for Command and Control of Constellation Systems Baselined
07/15/10 - 3D Stereo Reconstruction and Digital Elevation Models of Apollo 15 Zone
07/15/10 - X1.01 Small Business Initiative Research Technical Interchange Meeting
07/15/10 - ISS Utilization Proposal Reviews
07/15/10 - Contact 2010 Conference Held at NASA Ames
07/15/10 - FLEA Test Stand Baseline Flight on C-17
03/31/10 - XSearch Staff Conducts JSC Handover Training
03/31/10 - Ashok Srivastava Wins IEEE Technical Achievement Award
03/31/10 - Expanded Dispersion Analysis Conducted on Pad Abort 1
03/31/10 - Disaster Response Haiti Recovery Test
03/31/10 - OCAMS System Release 3 Deployed at JSC
03/31/10 - MCP Model Checker Directly Checks Flight Code
03/31/10 - Model-checking Benchmarks Lead to Spot Improvement
03/31/10 - Constellation Data Aggregator Completes Initial Release
03/31/10 - RSE Researcher Contributes to Model Checking Book
03/31/10 - Chad Frost UAV Interview
03/31/10 - Ares I-X Ground Diagnostic Prototype Selected by AIAA
03/31/10 - Behind the Scenes Look at Robotics and Software Development
03/31/10 - Gigipan Epic Selected as a Top Technology of 2009
12/02/09 - Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) Project Prototype Release
12/02/09 - Web 2.0 and Crisis Response Roundtable Held at NASA Ames
12/02/09 - Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records (STAR) v0.5 Release
12/02/09 - Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records (STAR) v0.4.5 Release
12/02/09 - GeoCam Deployed at Guiberson Fire in Ventura County
12/02/09 - Patent Issued for InvestigationOrganizer
10/14/09 - Intelligent Systems Division Team Operates LCROSS Spacecraft and Staffs Mission Control During Successful Lunar Impact
10/13/09 - “Sociological Considerations” Contributed to Planetary Science Decadal Survey
10/13/09 - Piloted Simulation Evaluation of Adaptive Control Technologies
10/13/09 - MOD Enterprise Architecture Repository Released
10/13/09 - Dimitra Giannakopoulou Invited Keynote
10/13/09 - Constraints and Flight Rule Management Project Prototype Release for Evaluation
10/13/09 - NASA, USGS, CMU, and Santa Clara DA’s Office Collaborate to Solve a 1991 Cold-Case Murder Investigation
10/13/09 - NRC Review Hosted at NASA Ames
10/13/09 - Gigapan Voyage Field Tested at 2009 “Desert Rats”
10/13/09 - PLEXIL to Provide Intelligent Control at Unimodal
10/13/09 - Ewen Denney Chairs PCC’09
10/13/09 - Subvocal Speech Patent and NEUROEngineering Lab Publications
10/13/09 - XSearch Incorporates New Interface and Search of ISS Flight Rules
10/13/09 - Automation for Operations Project Demonstration for JSC Habitat Demonstration Unit Lead
10/13/09 - Scampi B Appraisal of Software Engineering Processes
10/13/09 - Automated Control of CRUX Robotic Planetary Prototype Drill Tested in Haughton Crater
10/13/09 - CDE Demonstrated to ISU Satellite Applications Group
10/13/09 - Flight Tracker for CASIE Mission
10/13/09 - IRG Ground Data Systems Support Pavilion Lake Research Project
10/13/09 - Maarten Sierhuis Gives Brahms Tutorial at Summer Computer Simulation Conference
10/13/09 - Maarten Sierhuis Gives Keynote Address at IJCAI 2009 COIN Workshop
10/13/09 - Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records (STAR) V0.4 Release
10/13/09 - S-Band Evolved Antenna Prototype Meets LADEE Mission Requirements
06/29/09 - SPIFE Software Used for LCROSS Mission Operations
06/29/09 - AMISS Certified for ISS Flight Control Room Deployment
06/29/09 - A4O Presentation at Mission Operations Preliminary Design Review Checkpoint
06/19/09 - Intelligent Systems Division Team Operating LCROSS Spacecraft and Staffing Mission Control
06/18/09 - GeoCam Tested in Disaster Response Exercises at Google
06/18/09 - NASA Bluesky Meeting “Toward a Sustainable Lunar Architecture”
06/18/09 - Robotic Recon Experiment at Black Point Lava Flow
06/18/09 - Adaptive Control and Evolvable Systems Group at USGS Open House
06/18/09 - Ares I-X Ground Diagnostic Prototype Demo at KSC
05/11/09 - NASA Formal Methods Symposium
05/11/09 - STAR v0.3 Release
05/11/09 - STAR Project Presents to the Mission Operations Directorate Control Board
05/11/09 - MCT Developers Workshop at JSC
05/07/09 - OCAMS Rule Editor Used to Implement Change in Mission Operations Requirement
05/07/09 - Inductive Monitoring System Released to ISS Mission Evaluation Room
05/07/09 - Presentations on Machine Learning Work Given to ACM
05/07/09 - Collaborative Traffic Flow Management Publication
05/07/09 - Integrated Flight Control and Actuator Health Management Meeting
05/07/09 - PMT Team Receives NASA Agency Honor Award
05/07/09 - Designing for Cognitive Task Performance Book Chapter Published
05/07/09 - Spacecraft Automation Technology Meetings With Air Force Research Laboratory
04/09/09 - OCAMS System Release 2.0 Deployed in JSC Mission Control
04/09/09 - Human Systems Integration and Intelligent Systems Division Collaborators Win SAE Outstanding Technical Paper Award
04/03/09 - XSearch Incorporates Detection Of ISS Inventory Records
04/03/09 - XSearch Nominated for 2009 JSC Software Awards
04/03/09 - Planetary Data System Tools Web Site Rollout
04/03/09 - Planetary Data System Image Search Site Rollout
03/26/09 - NASA Bluesky Meeting “Refining the Vision of the Lunar Electric Rover”
02/23/09 - Planetary Content Project Contributes to Google Mars Release
02/17/09 - Space Act Agreement Signed With Boeing Phantom Works
02/17/09 - EUROPA in Use for Autonomous Robots Developed at Willow Garage
02/17/09 - EUROPA and SPIFE Demos to JSC Mission Operations Directorate
02/13/09 - Robotic Recon Operational Readiness Test
02/13/09 - OCAMS Release 2 Testing at Ames
02/13/09 - Planetary Data System Home Page Goes Live
02/13/09 - Deloitte Fast 50 Delegation Visit
02/13/09 - Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records Release
02/13/09 - Anomaly Monitoring Inductive Software System Running in JSC Mission Control
02/13/09 - AutoBayes Program Synthesis System Users Manual
02/12/09 - Prognostics Industry Day Held at Ames
02/12/09 - MIT Students Contribute New Testing Technology to RSE Tools
02/12/09 - XSearch Incorporates PVCS Change Management Record Search
02/12/09 - Historical Review of Situated Cognition Published
02/12/09 - Divers Use Mobile Agents to Develop Operational Procedures for Lunar Missions
11/03/08 - Division Researcher to Chair Prognostics Conference
11/03/08 - Presentations at Women in Engineering Conference
11/03/08 - XSearch Support for Hubble Repair Mission
10/17/08 - Framework Paper Presented at Prognostics And Health Management Conference
10/17/08 - Best Professional Paper Award at Prognostics And Health Management Conference
10/17/08 - Workshop on Formal Aspects of Component Software
10/17/08 - Synergies in Exploration Studies and Technology Development
10/14/08 - Space Mission Crew Planning Domain Model Used in International Planning Competition
10/03/08 - Division Researcher Listed in Who’s Who in America
10/03/08 - Presentations at International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
10/03/08 - Presentations at AIAA Space Conference
10/03/08 - Solar Array Constraint Engine Demonstrations
09/23/08 - Mobile Agents Used by Geologists in Volcanic Setting
09/09/08 - Prognostics Posters at Data Mining Conference
09/09/08 - High School Students Visit Ames
09/09/08 - Error-Detecting Analyzer for Orion Software Models in Development
09/09/08 - Ames Participation in Orion Software Development
09/09/08 - Planetary Data System Redesign
09/09/08 - Intelligent Flight Controller Approved for Testing
08/21/08 - Parametric Analysis Paper and Tool Presentation at ASE 2008
08/21/08 - Verification and Validation of Neuro-Adaptive Aircraft Control Systems
08/21/08 - Intelligent Systems for Modeling and Control Workshop
08/21/08 - Java PathFinder Workshop Held
08/21/08 - STAR Team Implements New Automated Build Capability
08/21/08 - PLEXIL and Universal Executive Software Released Open Source
08/21/08 - Human Spaceflight Planning Technical Interchange Meeting
08/21/08 - 2008 Moses Lake Sand Dunes Field Test
08/21/08 - Test Simulation System Paper to Be Published
08/21/08 - Prognostics Performance Metrics Paper Accepted
08/21/08 - ARES I-X Ground Diagnostic Tool Technical Reviews
08/20/08 - OCAMS System Deployed in Mission Control at JSC
08/20/08 - Ensemble Planning Tool Used By Phoenix Science Team
08/20/08 - DASHlink Goes Live
08/20/08 - NASA Imaging Tools Provide Firefighting Support
08/20/08 - XSearch System Successfully Deployed Into MCC Operations
06/24/08 - OCAMS Project on Fast Track for JSC/MOD Deployment
04/07/08 - OCAMS Project Equipment Review Meeting
02/25/08 - Collaborative Decision Environment Demonstrated to Disaster Responders
02/25/08 - EUROPA Released as Open-source Software
02/14/08 - OCAMS Project Moves Toward Deployment in JSC Mission Control
01/28/08 - OCA Mirroring System to be Installed at ISS Mission Control
10/31/07 - Google Moon Update Released
10/26/07 - NASA Aircraft Aids Firefighting Effort
10/10/07 - Collaborative Decision Environment Fire Mission
08/10/07 - LCROSS Mission and Science Operations at Ames
08/10/07 - Ensemble for Mission Operations
08/02/07 - NASA Featured Content in Google Earth
08/02/07 - Mission Control Technologies Test
07/28/07 - Completing the Drill Hill GPR Survey
07/27/07 - K10 Black return to Drill Hill
07/26/07 - K10 Red simulates dark crater descent
07/25/07 - Remote Ops at NASA Ames
07/24/07 - Two rovers, two locations
07/23/07 - Drill Hill Mapping
07/20/07 - Live Coverage and Experiments with JSC Remote Ops
07/18/07 - Two rovers conduct kilometer long surveys
07/16/07 - K10 Black Shakedown Test
07/15/07 - K10 Red Shakedown Test
07/14/07 - K10 Black assembled and the rest of the field team arrives
07/13/07 - K10 Red completes checkout
07/12/07 - Team arrives on Devon Island
07/28/06 - North America Overlay for Google Earth
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