Multiagent Simulation of Human-Robot Field Operations

Advanced Technologies for Human and Information System Interactions

DARPA Information Technology Office


PI: William J. Clancey

NASA/Ames Research Center
Computational Sciences Division


Develop an integrated model of a mobile work system (robots, vehicles, crew, peripheral devices, etc.) to provide an understanding of how circumstantial, local interactions affect the quality of the work system. The model represents work practices, which include agent movements, communications, and use of representational devices (e.g., computer systems, documents). Such a model focuses on activities (chronological behaviors) as opposed to abstracted tasks (functional processes); the added details reveals how flows actually happen. The associated objective is to use develop software agents within the mobile work system that use such models for "situation awareness." Activity-based models reflect the state and intent of robots and people in the work environment in what that goes beyond cognitive processes (e.g., perception and inference) to incorporate the collaboration and communication context.


The system is implemented using the Brahms simulation tool.

Brahms includes an interactive development environment and will soon be coupled to a virtual reality browsing environment.


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