Your JVM version and vendor:

If Java is working -- and you have at least 1.4MB to run the applet -- you will see a pink box above with one line of text that says something like:

Java Version: 1.1.4 from Microsoft Corp.  or
Java Version 1.4.2_05 from Sun Microsystems Inc.  or
Java Version: 1.3.1 from Apple Computer, Inc.

If you need a newer version, download the latest Java runtime environment from

Applet & Text Source:

If you don't see the pink box, Java may not be installed. You may see an empty gray box instead of a pink one. The Java Tester site shows possible output results and describes Java use in various browsers.

Another possible problem is that ZoneAlarm is blocking the Java program. Zone Alarm has a Mobile Code Control feature that, if set to "Custom", requires you to enable mobile code from before you can run Java.

Still having problems? Check out the "Configuring Browser" guide at
If you are using Internet Explorer and are still having problems, try following the instructions below:

Select Tools then select Internet Options

If you see a different version in the above version tester than the one displayed here:

change the check boxes as indicated below, click Apply, and close all instances of IE.

Restart IE. Now change the settings back to the ones below, click Apply, and close all instances of IE.

Restart IE. The version tester information should now match the selected JVM.