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A third-order-accurate upwind-biased thin-layer Navier-Stokes zonal code (STAGE-2) has been used to investigate the flow within a multistage compressor. It has been shown that STAGE-2 can be used to compute unsteady, multistage compressor flows in a workstation environment. The rapid development of workstation technology has and will enable regular use of workstations as valuable sources of computational time. In the future, STAGE-2 will be used to investigate distributed processing of unsteady turbomachinery flows in a networked workstation environment. This will further increase the value of workstation networks as a source of computational time.

The effects of axial gap spacing on the unsteady flow within a þ stage compressor have been investigated. As the axial gap is reduced, the potential interaction between airfoils becomes more significant. However, the wake interaction effects can vary with axial gap depending on the relative phase between the wakes. The force amplitude can be smaller even though the gap has been decreased. It is surmised that airfoil phase must be considered in estimating interactional effects.

Karen L. Gundy-Burlet
Wed Apr 9 12:58:06 PDT 1997