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High-end graphics workstations are becoming a necessary tool in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) environment. In addition to their graphics capabilities, the latest generation of workstations have powerful floating point operation capabilities. As workstations become common, they could provide valuable computing time for applications, such as turbomachinery flow calculations. This paper discusses the issues involved in implementing an unsteady, viscous multistage turbomachinery code (STAGE-2) on workstations. The workstation version of STAGE-2 has then been used to study the effects of axial-gap spacing on the time-averaged and unsteady flow within a þstage compressor. Results include force polar plots, time-averaged pressure contours, standard deviation of pressure contours, time-averaged surface pressures and pressure amplitudes.

Karen L. Gundy-Burlet
Wed Apr 9 12:58:06 PDT 1997