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The First NASA Formal Methods Symposium

(NFM 2009)

April 6 - 8, 2009 Moffett Field, California


The symposium will take place at the NASA Ames Conference Center, Moffett Field, California, USA. You will need a valid ID to get into NASA.

Once you arrive and go through the Moffett field main gate, proceed down Clark Rd until you get to the main Moffett grounds. Once there Clark Rd will split into Akron Rd on your left and Wescoat Rd on your right. Make a left on to Akron road and follow it past McCord Ave. The Conference Center should then be immediately on your left and labeled as building 3 (for more details see map below). It's also possible to get directions and a map from the Visitor office to the right of the Moffett main gate on arrival.

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Fly to either San Francisco (SFO) or San Jose (SJC). San Jose is closer but you will not be able to get a direct flight to Europe. If you have to change somewhere in the US, then you might as well fly to San Jose. There are usually evening/late afternoon flights out of SFO to the major European hubs.

From SFO you can get the train to Mountain View. A taxi from SFO will cost about $120. A shared shuttle (bus not space) will be considerably less. From SJC, a taxi will be about $50.


The Hampton Inn is a business hotel with good access to downtown. It costs about $130/night and it is within walking distance of the venue.

Visa information


Program Chairs:

Ewen Denney, NASA Ames
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames
Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames

Email the NFM chairs: nfm09-chairs "at"

Program Committee:

Gilles Barthe, IMDEA, Madrid
Guillaume Brat, NASA Ames
Ricky Butler, NASA Langley
Charles Consel, INRIA, Bordeaux
Krzysztof Czarnecki, U. Waterloo
Luca de Alfaro, UC Santa Cruz
Ben Di Vito, NASA Langley
Matt Dwyer, U. Nebraska
Martin Feather, JPL
Klaus Havelund, JPL
Mats Heimdahl, U. Minnesota
Gerard Holzmann, JPL
John Kelly, NASA HQ
Mike Lowry, NASA Ames
John Matthews, Galois Inc.
César Muñoz, NASA Langley
John Penix, Google
Kristin Y. Rozier, NASA Ames
Wolfram Schulte, Microsoft
Koushik Sen, UC Berkeley
Natarajan Shankar, SRI
Doug Smith, Kestrel Institute
Mike Whalen, Rockwell Collins

Organizing Committee:

Ewen Denney, NASA Ames
Ben Di Vito, NASA Langley
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames
Klaus Havelund, JPL
Gerard Holzmann, JPL
César Muñoz, NASA Langley
Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames
James Rash, NASA Goddard
Kristin Y. Rozier, NASA Ames

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Web Administrator:

Allen Dutra, NASA Ames

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