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Shawn Wolfe: "The Inductive and Meta Monitoring Systems (IMS+MMS): Automated Monitoring Techniques for Complex and Autonomous Missions Operations Systems."

Abstract:Monitoring the operations of critical systems is notoriously difficult yet essential for successful human space exploration. We describe the Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) and the Meta Monitoring System (MMS), two interrelated software packages that can be used to monitor such systems. IMS and MMS are “knowledge-free” algorithms in that they do not require any prior knowledge of nominal operations. Instead, both systems learn a model of nominal operations by observing normal operations. We will discuss how IMS and MMS work, the types of data needed to induce such models, and give several examples of past deployments.

Bio: Shawn Wolfe is a member of the Collaborative and Assistant Systems Technical Area in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. His current work includes clinical decision support via information retrieval topics and a medical data architecture for long range exploration missions. During his tenure at Ames, he has been active in the areas of information retrieval, data mining, multi-agent systems, the semantic web, and knowledge management, among others.

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