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Michael Lowry: Organizer
"Machine Learning Workshop Objectives and Overview."

Workshop Objectives: Machine Intelligence will revolutionize NASA’s missions. Machine Intelligence has three legs: computer hardware; algorithms for cognition, perception and intelligent execution; and machine learning. All three have had orders of magnitude advances since the inception of Artificial Intelligence in the 1950s. This workshop will explore ongoing applications of Machine Learning to all of NASA’s mission directorates, and look forward to new opportunities. Sessions will feature both speakers describing successes and lessons learned from past applications of Machine Learning, and also domain experts providing descriptions of mission needs and future opportunities. Breakout sessions will bring together domain experts, computer scientists, and managers to formulate next steps for machine learning for NASA.

Bio: Dr. Michael Lowry is the principle investigator for NASA Aeronautic’s Autonomy Operating System (AOS) for UAVs. The AOS team is attempting to develop an autonomous pilot that can operate in the National Air Space with proficiency approaching that of a human pilot. Dr. Lowry serves at Ames as NASA’s Chief Technologist for Reliable Software Engineering. He is the steering committee chair for the NASA Formal Methods symposium, and an IEEE Automated Software Engineering Fellow. Lowry received his MS/BS from MIT and his PhD in 1989 from Stanford University in Artificial Intelligence. He co-authored one of the first papers on explanation-based algorithms for machine learning: "Learning Physical Descriptions from Functional Descriptions, Examples, and Precedents."

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