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CIDU 2008

Thanks to everyone for a great conference. Presentations and Posters from CIDU can be found at:

Topic Areas

General Chair
Ashok Srivastava, PhD
Earth Systems Health
Rama Nemani, PhD
Engineering Systems
Health Chair
Nikunj Oza, PhD
Technical Chair:
Jiawei Han, PhD
University of Illinois
  • Large-scale database mining
  • Distributed data mining
  • Spatiotemporal data mining
  • Large-scale, multidimensional data stream mining
  • Distributed data mining under computational constraints
Anomaly Detection
Technical Chair:
Aleksander Lazarevic, PhD
  • Algorithms for detecting changes in massive heterogeneous data sets
  • Anomaly detection in massive data streams
Technical Chair:
Arindam Banerjee, PhD
University of Minnesota
  • Bayesian methods for determination of causal factors in multi-sensor measurements
  • Graphical models with applications to Earth Systems
  • Bayesian methods for diagnosis in engineering systems
  • Convex optimization with applications to systems health
  • Dimensionality reduction
Technical Chair:
Michael Burl, PhD
  • Forecasting with physics-based and data driven models
  • Learningand prediction in forced and nonlinear dynamical systems
Special Topics
Technical Chair:
Paul Labys, PhD
  • Data-driven & statistical methods for analyzing the impact of climate change
  • Sun-Earth Connections
  • Data-driven methods for automatic system reconfiguration
  • Time Series Prediction

Poster Session

The organizers of NASA CIDU are dedicated to the dissemination of ideasand collaboration on research.Thus, the conference will include a "Virtual Poster Session".Live Poster presenters have already been chosen and will be given an opportunity to give a brief talk on their poster during our plenary session.Then the poster session will move online to a collaborative website where the presenters will be able to upload their material.The Virtual Poster Session is still open.The virtual poster session will allow registered users of the site to comment on the posters and participate in discussions.By moving the poster session online, CIDU attendees and non-attendees alike will be able to continue the discussion far beyond the conference.If you are interested in posting your topic online, please follow the link to the left for more information and to submit your abstract for judging.Abstracts must be submitted no later than August 27, 2008.

This conference is funded by the NASA Integrated Vehicle Health Management Project and by the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.IVHMis a part of the Aviation Safety Program in the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

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