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September 2 2011

IRG Homepage

2010 HMP Blog – IRG conducted a robotic field test at Haughton Crater in the Canadian Arctic in summer 2010.

Desert RATS – IRG participates in the annual Desert Research and Technology Studies (DRATS) robotic analog field tests.

GeoCam Blog – Read about IRG’s on-going work on disaster response.

Gigapan Project – An IRG spin-off that lets people capture and explore gigapixel images. – IRG Member Zack Moratto’s personal site. It discusses many things related to Ames Stereo Pipeline.

Mars in Google Earth – IRG and Google released Mars in Google Earth.

Moon in Google Earth – IRG and Google released Moon in Google Earth for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) – IRG worked with Top Coder on the first two NTL Marathon Match Challenges.

Planetary Lake Lander – Two IRG members are Co-Is on this project to study deglaciation in Chile

Walking, Vision, and Self-Awareness – Thoughts about ATHLETE FootFall, an IRG project (2008-2010) to streamline walking control for a six-legged robot.

  • Measuring Lake Tahoe from Space

    This fall, the crisis mapping team extended their work on flood mapping to measure the water level of Lake Tahoe over time ... more

  • Flood Mapping with Adaboost

    The Crisis Mapping team recently wrapped up our research on flood mapping. Previously, we evaluated existing MODIS flood mapping algorithms across a diverse range ... more

  • Crisis Mapping Toolkit Released

    We are excited to announce the open source release of the Crisis Mapping Toolkit under the Apache 2.0 license! The ... more