Pictures from K-REX Dev Week

April 30 2012

Last week IRGers held a Dev Week in Marscape, their 40m by 80m outdoor rover test facility. Recently KRex had been living in a small indoor space while its motor controllers were being worked on, so the Dev Week was a chance to get the robot into a natural environment for some real-world testing.

KRex and K10

K-REX, IRG's newest robot, in the Marscape with the older and smaller K10.

Because K-REX is a research robot, there are always new pieces to debug. During the week, everybody developing software or hardware for KRex took turns testing and taking data on K-REX.

Inside the trailer that serves as a control center while the robot is on Marscape. Many people in IRG work on K-REX.

Some of the tasks for the week included: testing the emergency stop on steep slopes, updating the stereo module from custom code to the OpenCV implementation, evaluating terrain maps, and improving the display shown to the ground operators.

Display of the map that K-REX produces for navigation.

Along the way, there were also avionics problems, networking issues, and a flat tire.

Overall, it was an incredibly intense, productive, and successful week!

K-REX on Marscape

K-REX outside the Marscape trailer. The 80' by 120' wind tunnel is visible in the background.

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    K-REX is so so cool!

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