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Technical Research Areas

Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Development of technologies required for systems that can adapt their behavior to complex, rapidly changing environments
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Collaborative & Assistant Systems
Information technologies and collaboration tools that facilitate the specialized work of distributed teams in NASA mission settings
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Discovery and Systems Health
Tools and methods for systems health management; large-scale science and aeronautical data analysis and data mining
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Robust Software Engineering
Increased software quality, reliability, and productivity through research done in the context of NASA applications
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NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application Will Be Officially Launched To The Public June 20th, 2017
NASA’s Automated Technology License Application System (ATLAS) will be officially launched for the general public June 20th, 2017. ATLAS was developed by the NASA’s Technology Transfer System (NTTS) project team ...
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Human Exploration Telerobotics Project To Complete Final Design Drawings of The Astrobee Free-Flying Robot
On June 30th, 2017, the Human Exploration Telerobotics (HET2) project / Astrobee element will complete final design drawings for the Astrobee free-flying robot. Starting on July 7, 2017, the HET2 ...
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Resource Prospector Rover Flight Software Team Investigating Automatic Test Generation Technique
The Resource Prospector (RP) Rover Flight Software (RFSW) Team, in the Applied Avionics Software Group of the Intelligent System Division’s Robust Software Engineering Technical Area, is planning a series of ...
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Dr. Guillaume Brat To Give a Talk at The Design Automation Conference
Dr. Guillaume Brat will give a talk, entitled “Advanced Software V&V for Civil Aviation and Autonomy,” at the Design Automation Conference being held in Austin on June 18-22. Dr. Brat ...
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Safe Autonomous Flight Environment For Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team To Receive NASA Group Achievement Award
The Safe Autonomous Flight Environment (SAFE50) for small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Team will receive a NASA Group Achievement Award. This is one of the most prestigious awards a group ...
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Stall Recovery Guidance Experiment To Run in The Ames Vertical Motion Simulator
Though rare, stall-related accidents and incidents still occur in commercial aircraft. To address this concern, the Stall Recovery Guidance experiment is investigating the degree to which candidate guidance algorithms and ...
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