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Deployment Operations Sustainment

During the Deployment Operations Sustainment Phase, the project team implements the Missions Operations Plan developed in previous phases. This generally involves delivering and deploying the software products to the customer or mission.

Common Delivery Phase technical activities:

  • Implement the Project Plan
  • Execute the mission in accordance with the Mission Operations Plan and document this work in a Mission Report. .
  • Prior to the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase, conduct internal reviews as defined by the project’s planned software assurance activities.
  • Plan, prepare for, and support the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase in accordance with NPR 7123.1, Center practices, and the requirements of this document.
  • Monitor system incidents, problems, and anomalies, as well as system margins to ensure that deployed project systems function as intended, and investigate system behavior that is observed to exceed established operational boundaries or expected trends, and implement and document corrective actions, as necessary.
  • Provide sustaining engineering, as appropriate, to the mission to enhance efficiency, safety, and accommodate obsolescence.
  • Capture and archive mission results, including engineering data on system and subsystem performance with the Software Management Office.
  • As directed by the Program Manager, support the development of Project Plan revisions to continue the mission into extended operations beyond the primary mission phase or beyond any extension previously included in the plan.
  • Prepare and document a Systems Decommissioning/Disposal Plan (if appropriate).

Common Delivery Phase Project Documentation

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